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  1. DumpsterFire

    Rear Passanger Seat Rattle Solved!! 😂😂

    Disclaimer! This post is in no way to malign or mock those peeps here who have a legit rattle in their CT. I just thought his was really funny! So since I’ve have had the CT over the past 9-10 weeks I’ve noticed this rattle in the back whenever the rear seats are folded up to accommodate El...
  2. DumpsterFire

    Ford Blue Cruise now being investigated Hey nice to see someone else beside Tesla taking kicks in the junk over assisted driving issues. RIP to the deceased.
  3. DumpsterFire

    Rhino Lining spray in bed liner applied to my Cybertruck bed

    Hi guys! So I decided when I picked my truck up at the end of February that I’d get the bed/vault Rhino Lined. I had a truck back in the day that was Rhino Lined that I loved so I figured, why not!? Haha Here are some pics of the end result. It was completed a couple of weeks ago and has...
  4. DumpsterFire

    CT Pet Liner back in stock Looks like this is available again. Just an FYI for those that might be waiting. Cheers and have a great day peeps!
  5. DumpsterFire

    Shout out to the Salt Lake Service Center!

    Hey all! Just wanted to give a huge thanks to the peeps at the Salt Lake City SC. Nate (Service Advisor Guru) and John (Technician BMF) took really great care of the truck when I took it in last Monday for some tweaks to the fit and finish. Nate was really great to work with to get the...
  6. DumpsterFire

    New AutoWiper Function. Lol.

    Anyone else feel like their BAW is suddenly possessed after the update? My wiper now deploys at random times without any rain or other shitty weather. 😂😂 No biggie just think it’s kinda funny…
  7. DumpsterFire

    Utah ditching front license plates… Happy times for us new CT peeps in Utah. It’s about fucking time…. 😂😂
  8. DumpsterFire

    TWRAPS Floor Storage Organizer / Lower Center Console Tray installed photos

    Installed the TWRAPS Floor Storage Organizer / Lower Center Console Tray yesterday! I am impressed by them! They fit really well!!
  9. DumpsterFire

    Utah Delivery. Yassssssss!

    Hi peeps! I know a delivery isn’t really news these day but thought I’d post a small bit since I don’t think we’ve had any other Utah deliveries here. First off, it sounds like all Utah deliveries are taking place at the Pleasant Grove service center within is about 40 minutes south of Salt...
  10. DumpsterFire

    Utah VIN assigned! LFG!! 😂

    Good morning! Just got my VIN here in the pretty, great state of Utah. x2111 Cheers and LFG!!
  11. DumpsterFire

    Hey I’m famous!! 😂

    Thanks to this really fair and unbiased article (🙄). I’m famous! I think this makes me an influencer now, right?? Where’s my VIN and truck, Tesla??? 🤣
  12. DumpsterFire

    PowerShare Home Backup Email Survey from Tesla (Received 12/22/23)

    Anyone else get this today? Not sure it really means anything but was just curious.
  13. DumpsterFire

    Chargers and trailers…

    Ok so I’ve owned trucks but have never used them for towing. Mostly just throwing shit in the back and heading to the great outdoors. I apologize if this has been discussed in another thread but I didn’t see one. My question is this. How will charging work for the CT when towing something on...
  14. DumpsterFire

    Well that was weird…

    Anyone else feel like Musk was just dying to get the hell out of this launch? it seemed to me that he wanted to be anywhere but there…. Haha