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  1. Zaimor

    Cybertruck Tow Range Test - towing Volterra travel trailer (3,200 lbs)

    FUD. Most have been getting 100-ish miles, but that’s with Max loads (9-11k lbs). This is a great example that I’m glad to see with a more “standard” load many will use (flat bed, U-Haul, etc…)
  2. Zaimor

    Powershare is Activated / Enabled

    Did they say why? Or what the criteria is? Are they rolling it out like software updates? Seems odd to let you install thousands of dollars worth of equipment only to ransom the functionali... wait, nevermind. Forgot the company we're dealing with. I'm in the same spot, everything installed for...
  3. Zaimor

    Powershare is Activated / Enabled

    I was told this is a firmware issue the team is working on. Have the same issue with mine.
  4. Zaimor

    Locking Diff stuck after 24.14.3 update

    Makes sense - thanks! I've always focused on using the feature to lock the wheels to get unstuck, I never thought of what happens after getting unstuck lol.
  5. Zaimor

    FSD / Auto Steer / Autopilot —- when?

    Refund... Hehe... you're funny ;) I hadn't heard the Elon Time for CT FSD - do you happen to have a source? Would give me some exciting hope to have it before summer trips :).
  6. Zaimor

    Locking Diff stuck after 24.14.3 update

    Not an off-road guy, and only had a couple trucks in the past with locking diffs (rarely used). -Why- is locking diffs + solid ground a bad thing?
  7. Zaimor

    2024.14.3 off-road update

    Also installing now - updating from 2024.8.7 to 2024.14.3. SO MUCH new stuffs! Colorizer, Cabin Overheat, Tighter Turns, Locking Diffs... this is why I love Tesla. When I wake up in the morning I'll have a new truck!
  8. Zaimor

    MOLLE panels - what gear have you mounted?

    All I've got is First Aid pack atm. I like your setup though! Will definately add a fire extinguisher and probably some traction boards. Water isn't too useful here in TX (it'd be >100 degrees if you ever needed it) and I've got a flashlight in the console.
  9. Zaimor

    Cybertruck protected me from pellet gun shots on highway [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    In the future, try pulling the video from the USB drive on a computer. The local screen playback isn't great, but the cameras actually record in a pretty high resolution and the clips look a LOT better on a computer.
  10. Zaimor

    No Cabin Overheat Protection?

    I saw a post recently where they confirmed it IS coming “soon” :).
  11. Zaimor

    Cabin Overheat Protection coming soon via OTA for Cybertruck

    Confirmed by Cybertruck chief engineer that Cabin Overheat Protection IS coming “soon” :). "I hear you and also Aaron, who asks about it daily - it's coming in an OTA update soon. Keep an eye on the release notes."
  12. Zaimor

    iPhone not charging, and hot

    I also have had this issue for the whole 2 months I've had the truck I haven't tried it in the last couple weeks though; good to hear it -might- be solved with software. I'll try it again this weekend. iPhone 14 Pro Max (no case).
  13. Zaimor

    EZ-Pass tag location

    Works great by the mirror (also NTTA 800khz)
  14. Zaimor

    Funny comments/questions about the Cybertruck

    My favorite has been "Did you build that yourself?" Got it a couple times. It's usually "What is that?" for the unaware, or "This is the first one I've seen, can I take a picture?" for those who've heard of it lol.
  15. Zaimor

    Remote button for Glove Drawer (not on the screen)

    Not trying to troll, but just pointing out some advice to a fellow carrier :). I'm a Texas LTC instructor with all sorts of other certifications, and like you, I carry pretty much everywhere I'm allowed to (and, rarely, some places I'm not). However, the post office is special. It's governed by...
  16. Zaimor

    Cybertruck doesn't quite fit in my standard garage. Yours?

    Your title is a bit misleading. It fits just fine in a standard garage, you just have to -make- it fit. I had to do quite a bit of reorganizing, including running my cable -above- the truck.
  17. Zaimor

    Who wants a FREE trip to Montreal, Canada? We need a Cybertruck for our EV show!

    Mostly TX and CA. A few in Florida. They’re starting to deliver in other states as well though. You can search through the forums here about people taking delivery.
  18. Zaimor

    Who wants a FREE trip to Montreal, Canada? We need a Cybertruck for our EV show!

    Damn, --really-- wish I could help with this, but it's a 3 day drive and I'm running another event that weekend :(.
  19. Zaimor

    NO CHAdeMO or CCS

    Indeed. But I (and likely others) really wish they would have enabled backwards compatibility -OR- had the adapters at launch -OR- made a very obvious statement about them (it could have been included in the "your truck doesn't have parking sensors" notices). To not do -any- of these is just...
  20. Zaimor

    Idea for alternative to wrap: Magnetics …..

    Might work on the CT but the magnet would need to be pretty strong. And I'd be worried about wind ripping it off easily at speed. The body is magnetic but barely. A strong magnet will hold just fine but a refrigerator magnet with any weight at all slides right off.