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  1. MUSK007

    Let's be honest - who disliked and/or was repulsed by the Cybertruck when they first saw it?

    I hated it. A lot. For the first day, then It changed for me. Like a lot of other people And I was really pissed about the Hey OJ- try on the gloves moment with the broken windows. but in true Elon fashion, he dodged all the negative press on it and turned it into a positive.
  2. MUSK007

    vinyl wrap cost estimate?

    Wow. Love that design. Very clever.
  3. MUSK007

    Where does Elon take it from here?

    The CT design is so futuristic that it may change the truck design landscape of the big 3. However it has a long way to go in providing The needed features that truck owners are gong to want. The prototype is lacking so many Design things yet be released before they start production.
  4. MUSK007

    Is 4th Quarter 2021 a realistic delivery date for the Cybertruck?

    I will. 2023 for early deliveries, and 2024 for real production units. that of course is based on if a Tesla can work out all the problems with a brand new designed unit. Meaning maybe a year later than that.
  5. MUSK007

    Hope this doesn’t happen with the CyberTruck

    This article only proves my statement that truck buyers Who spend 60,000 and up on new trucks expect them be perfect. Tesla had better test the heck out of these things before they go into real production and start delivering them. Because Tesla is trying to tap into a market of regular people...
  6. MUSK007

    Will the Tesla Cybertruck become the best-selling truck in the US?

    No it’s not. It’s about quality and function. It’s about range. It’s about durability. It’s about ease of charging. It’s about toughness and towing abilities. It’s about luxury for some. Did I mention range?
  7. MUSK007

    Noob questions about Cybertruck

    I pay .1169 PKH for juice 24-7 i don’t even think about it. I’m just glad I have forgotten where I used to have to stop to get gas and diesel.
  8. MUSK007

    Cybertruck too big?

    ok. How will you charge It? Not In your garage.
  9. MUSK007

    Cybertruck too big?

    Hey. I have one too. I keep my garage at 81 to protect many cars rubber and my carts batteries. makes it bearable to work on projects in the garage when it’s 115 outside.
  10. MUSK007

    Cybertruck too big?

    The kind that charge at home! This is the difference between a gas/diesel truck and an electric Truck. You can leave a ICE truck out side FOREVER and not worry about it. The fuel gauge wind decrease over night or a month or longer. however a Tesla loses power over night. Overhead protection...
  11. MUSK007

    Are the specs achievable?

    Every truck I know of comes with a tow hitch. Standard
  12. MUSK007

    Are the specs achievable?

    Not really the same thing now is it.
  13. MUSK007

    Armor Glass Windshield

    It was an accident. Musk was surprised and uttered his surprise which was picked up by mics. it’s was a stupid mistake, but in true Tesla fanboy style, it’s turned out to be a winner. go a Tesla!
  14. MUSK007

    Why are we so crazy about the Cybertruck? Post your reason here

    You can’t buy anything now. We will when it’s becomes available. Hopefully by 2023.
  15. MUSK007

    Are the specs achievable?

    well said. Im 63, so maybe 25 years?
  16. MUSK007

    Armor Glass Windshield

    go through it? was that the point of that failed demonstration? I really was shocked and at the same time i felt bad for Musk. Only in the Tesla world, that big mistake was turned into T-Shirt sales. Amazing
  17. MUSK007

    Thoughts on using generator to charge

    Get the Tri-Motor and you have a better chance of not getting stuck with no juice.
  18. MUSK007

    Armor Glass Windshield

    Let’s just hope it’s better glass than that embarrassing demonstration in front of the hole world. ‘’Hey OJ, try in these gloves”’. Omg.