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    Information from 3M about their wrap material. Might want to read before jumping off the wrap cliff. 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080 Please pay special attention to the manufacturers recommendation of where NOT to apply their product. (stainless steel (n)) Also take a look at the recommended...
  2. Tesla owner who died in crash was over legal alcohol limit

    I wonder if this will make the news cycle with the flare which the Tesla flambe did? There are Autopsy links on the bottom section of the posted story for details. From the Fire...
  3. White House "Advisor" spreads false narrative about EV batteries.

    Interesting story about what an "advisor" is spreading about EV batteries. In rebuttal to the thought about EV batteries as someone stated " It's like running an engine with no oil, coolent and redlining it till it blows a piston head and then saying it only lasts for a certain amount of hours"
  4. Giga Berlin Construction Progress Update Through July 27, 2020

    Guess this is what we will be looking at shortly in Texas.
  5. Giga Berlin Construction Progress Update Through July 27, 2020

    Here are two drone videos of the Giga Berlin work site so I suppose this is what we can expect to see in Texas shortly. Yee Haw