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  1. Bigvbear

    Brand New Model S Plaid burst into flames

    Hmm....does the plaid have the 4680 cells? Could this be a problem going forward?
  2. Bigvbear

    Cybertruck dashboard, wasted space?

    I was looking over the blueprint below and something struck me that I had not noticed before. Look at how much space is between the steering yoke and the frunk.....that's a HUGE dashboard and a lot wasted space. Do you think the final design will remove some of this?
  3. Bigvbear

    Tesla cancels Model Y RWD Long Range

    Curious how many changes will happen to the CT? This is the 2nd time they have killed a model Y variant (but then brought one back) Tesla enthusiasts who pre-ordered the Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel-Drive variant are...
  4. Bigvbear

    Will someone steal your charge?

    Here is an interesting thought. CT has onboard outlets, 110 and 220, so you could, in theory, jump another EV that has run it's battery down to get them to a charger BUT...... what's to stop someone from plugging into your CT in a parking lot (assuming your vault cover is open) and sucking...
  5. Bigvbear

    Where will we put the "key"?

    Looking at the current model 3 and Model Y it comes with a card that is the "key" for thee vehicle (yes you can also use your cellphone, but this is not always pratical). To use it you place the key on the center console by the cup holders. but the CT does not have a center console, it has a...
  6. Bigvbear

    Is the Cyberquad voporware?

    Anyone else notice there has been zero info on the Cyberquad? No mention of production dates, specs, prices, location it will be built, etc. Do you think it will still come to production with the CT as Musk originally stated?
  7. Bigvbear

    Cybertruck Prototype MIA?

    I wonder what is going on with the CT prototype? We were seeing many pictures, videos, etc out there of sightings. However since the static display of it at the museum, it has disappeared from public view. I have not seen any new footage of it in a while. Could this mean they have dismantled...
  8. Bigvbear

    I am concerned the Single Motor CT will never happen.

    I am looking at the current Tesla page.....every vehicle is now dual motor. Not 1 is available in a single motor configuration anymore (which were the least expensive models) Every single motor version has been discontinued. Will this happen to the CT considering the low volume of Single Motor...
  9. Bigvbear


    Any of you out there?
  10. Bigvbear

    This is how i want my CT dashboard

    This is from a chineese EV startup, but just look at that would be bad ass in the CT. Honestly this 48" display makes the CT 17" display look cheap.
  11. Bigvbear

    Cyberquad chain drive.

    Anyone find it a tad off? All Tesla's are direct motor drive. Might be for center of gravity issues?
  12. Bigvbear

    Vault and roll up cover in cold climates

    So here is a good one and maybe Tesla engineers need to think about those of us who don't live in California weather. How well will the roll up cover work when covered in snow or ice? What are your thoughts?