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  1. myco.rrhizae

    Lets talk 4680

    Lets talk 4680. Do we know yet if Model S Plaid has 4680s? When is someone gonna strip that baby down? Makes sense since they have had the Fremont prototype production line spitting them out for a while now. I wanna know specs see pics Another line of questioning: Will Cybertruck only ship...
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    Good things come to those who HODL. anyone wanna make an offer on this here limited release collection of short-seller tears bottled in hand-blown glass?
  3. myco.rrhizae

    VAULT ~ details and accessories

    Seriously ~ what an incredible truck bed! I, and many, would like to know the approximate dimensions of the vault. Length = 78" Width = 57" via motor trend Height at cab = 44" ? F150 has a height from the bed floor to the top of the cab of approximately 44" Height at gate = 22? Vault...
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    Anybody here livin in emerald paradise?
  5. myco.rrhizae

    Tesla Cyberquad ATV pics from Battery Day 2020!

    Whatchu got from battery day? I know some of yall were there and got some good angles on that ATV ~ Show yur stuff!! <3<3<3
  6. myco.rrhizae

    Did anyone notice that the original cybertruck tease was different from the actual truck?

    I haven't seen anyone talking about how the original cybertruck tease pic released by tesla had a totally different hood than the actual cybertruck revealed. The event invitation also had the same hood as the teaser with the angled sides and seem steeper than the revealed cybertruck. I'm...
  7. myco.rrhizae

    Lumber rack for carpentry render

    Hey folks! Why haven't any of these wonderful render artists come up with a good, functional lumber rack rendering for working carpenters? I've seen a lot of really great renders but none of them really appeal to the working class truck user. Lumber rack is crucial. It needs to extend forward...