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  1. Power rear window confirmed?

    See photo and link. Wording makes it sound like the window opens:
  2. Cybertruck charging at 50,000th Supercharger in Roseville, CA. UPDATE W/ VIDEO

    Cybertruck spotted charging at 50,000th supercharger (painted in Ultra Red) in Roseville, CA. UPDATE W/ VIDEO original photo credit: @mermanthommy It was ripped off of a facebook post. Instagram video showing it drive away:
  3. DualLiner for Cybertruck? I wonder if these guys will make a liner for the Cybertruck. People are concerned about stuff sliding around in the vault. I have one of these in my truck and it keeps everything where I put it, unless I take corners and curves at higher speeds.
  4. RUMOR: Some Reservation Holders Are Receiving Delivery Dates

    In a Subscribers-Only Twitter Spaces held by Whole Mars Blog, one of his subscribers claimed that his physician (Day 1 reserver) said that he received an update from Tesla to expect delivery in December 23 or January 24. I am highly skeptical of this claim, especially as we have many Hour 1...
  5. Lightship L1, revolutionary new RV eliminates towing loss A company is going to be building an RV that has its own battery and drivetrain, which will enable it to minimize or eliminate the range loss due to towing. I’ve talked about this method before on these forums, it is awesome to see...
  6. Investor Day CT was the Wolverine/Lower Trim (Opinion)

    I’ve seen someone comment already that they think this could be the Wolverine model. Elon has said in the past that the Wolverine version would come second… but I think Tesla could have changed its mind due to recent events. I’d be careful about saying it is confirmed, but the new platform they...
  7. The Conundrum

    Recently, my car was totaled. I really loved that thing but I couldn’t justify shelling out the money for body work when I already was anticipating some major repairs in the drive train. So I ended up selling it to a mechanic who loves doing that kind of work in his spare time. Problem is, I...
  8. Cybertruck Plaid

    I think its inevitable that a high performance package of some sort will be offered, probably starting at around $100,000. No idea what the specs may be...but 0-60 would probably be at least a half a second faster and perhaps ~185-200 mph top speed. Thoughts?
  9. Due to Tonneau Cover design, no bed-cab pass through

    Given that the patent is from last year, perhaps Elon and the team have come up with a redesign. With the patent we have, however, the tonneau cover is a constant barrier that would prevent a pass-through option. The only way we could have pass through with this design is if the tonneau fully...