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  1. Coolbreeze704

    Vote for Tesla Q4 Earning Call Q&A - When Will Non FS Orders Open

    There is a question that is being voted on right now to by one of the retailor investor on the Q4 earnings call that we call vote for. More votes means better chance it will be asked. There is a link to go directly to it to vote for that question. Would be great to get them to answer when we...
  2. Coolbreeze704

    Tesla will change Foundation Series order to Non-FS without penalty (YMMV)

    Thanks to @KenpoJo for this post: "Spoke to 3 Tesla reps today from 3 different cities here in socal. They all gave me the same answer. Once your vin is assigned, you can downgrade your order from FS to standard, if you want to save the 20k. And say you decide not to go with the Cybertruck you...
  3. Coolbreeze704

    The Positive, Argument Free Cybertruck Thread

    This will die quickly and be buried just like a positive news story on the 6 o Clock news but I will start it anyway. Instead of what's wrong with the Cybertruck, what's wrong with Elon, what sucks about the CT range or what sucks about the forum/forum member, this soon to be forgotten thread...
  4. Coolbreeze704

    I was wrong

    I boldly stood up and supported Tesla against all those claiming the CT would increase 40% or more. I shared my view that this would not be a niche vehicle. That Tesla would be true to their vision and disrupt the truck market by keeping their price within 10% of reveal pricing. That cost of...
  5. Coolbreeze704

    Cybertruck & Cyberquad a beautiful sight together... after 4 years of hopes & dreams

    Made down to check out the CT. Just sitting back from a distance and taking in 4 years of hopes and dreams. So satisfied. It's brilliant. As a bonus while I was kicking back and contemplating what a wonderful machine it is they wheel down a cyberquad and stuck it in front. So cool. Running...
  6. Coolbreeze704

    NEWS: Tesla FSD v12 Has Reportedly Starting Rolling Out to Employees With Update 2023.38.10

    Sawyer Merritt @SawyerMerritt Just in time for Cybertruck release. This is a big day and means more to the company and stock holders then even the CT release in 6 days. End to end proud release will follow soon and changes everything. Beta tag removed.
  7. Coolbreeze704

    7 days left - Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

    Hard to believe after all this time we are a week away. Thankful for you all and all the information, laughs lonnnnnnng post I have read. Kept me going, entertained and informed for 4 years. Hope you all have a great day and a blessed week. Breeze
  8. Coolbreeze704

    COC Newest Game - To Tell the Truth

    So take a Geritol and join in the latest COC game based on Truth or Speculation. This season we will focus on the Tesla Cybertruck. See if you can detect the truth from speculation. Grab the popcorn and lets have some fun. All answeres must be in 20 words or less or you will be disqualified...
  9. Coolbreeze704

    Design the official Cybertruck Owners Club BAW T Shirt

    Alright. Need the creative ones out there in the club to come up with our official CT owners Club BAW T-shirt.
  10. Coolbreeze704

    Lightning Stop Production / Stop Shipment Issued (due to potential battery issue)

    From F150Lightning Forum Lightning Stop Production / Stop Shipment Issued Due to Potential Battery Issue Here is the article: "On Tuesday, Ford spokesperson Emma Bergg confirmed to Motor Authority that both a...
  11. Coolbreeze704

    Is there value in your early reservation

    With already reaching a half a million pre-orders is there monetary value in your early reservation? By the time we get to 2021/2022 and start a production there could be 750, 000 to a million plus orders. Has it been done or is it even possible to sell your reservation or have someone pay...