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  1. CyberSleuth

    What happens to my reservation if I don't get the Foundation Series?

    Apologies if this has been explained elsewhere, but I couldn't find a clear answer. I've received the "Your Foundation Series CT is ready to order" email, but don't want it. I'm sure many of you don't want to pay the extra bucks either. If I ignore this email invite will I still have early...
  2. CyberSleuth

    Let's design the $49k Cybertruck

    Since Tesla didn't do it, let's play pretend. What features would you keep, remove or add from the new finalized model to bring the Cybertruck's price down to $49,000? Keep: Stainless steel body Armored glass Automated vault cover Steer by wire 340 mile range Turning radius Remove (cost...
  3. CyberSleuth

    Final guesses for what the F-150 and Tundra wrapped CTs are for

    Remember these? Do you think we'll see them again tomorrow? If so, how will they be explained/used?
  4. CyberSleuth

    Tesla Announces Details for Cybertruck Delivery Event It's extra official now.
  5. CyberSleuth

    I made the pilgrimage - it's even better in person.

    Today was the day for me. After watching sightings transition from drone footage, potato-cams, freeway glimpses and finally showroom pictures, I saw the Cybertruck in person. My friends, it truly is stunning. Seeing it on a screen does not do it justice. The way the geometry of the bodywork...
  6. CyberSleuth

    How would you like to see the Franz hammer/ball test rectified?

    Personally, I'll be disappointed if they don't successfully redo the sledgehammer and ball throw during the upcoming delivery event. If anything, I think the only way to rectify the infamous window crack is to throw a BIGGER steel ball. They could also include a video reel of various...
  7. CyberSleuth

    Will Tesla accept the 2024 EV tax credit off the purchase price?

    Next year, when some of us may actually receive the Cybertruck, the IRS is supposed to expand access to the federal tax credit for electric vehicles. Specifically, it will be possible for buyers to transfer their credit to the dealer, and receive the equivalent price off the vehicle...
  8. CyberSleuth

    Will the Cybertruck's weight crack my driveway?

    I know I know, a criticism thread - I'm sorry. ;) While we have no concrete numbers (pun intended) on how much the Cybertruck will weigh, we can make an educated guess based on its competitors: The Rivian R1T has a curb weight of 7148 lbs The Hummer EV has a curb weight of 9063 lbs. We don't...
  9. CyberSleuth

    What if the BAW windshield wiper is removable?

    Crazy thought, I know. But what if the wiper is designed to be removable just like (rumor says) the side mirrors? Maybe Tesla really DID utilize the patented laser wiper system, but are required to include a legacy wiper too. Thoughts?
  10. CyberSleuth

    Article - With the Cybertruck, Tesla Faces Its Edsel Moment

    Here's the full article from Barron's: With the Cybertruck, Tesla Faces Its Edsel Moment Tesla’s Avant-Garde Cybertruck is coming any day now. It’s the most important vehicle for the company since the 2017 introduction of its more affordable Model 3 electric vehicle. The 3 helped usher in...
  11. CyberSleuth

    Someone's trying to sell their CT reservation on Craigslist

    It begins... Some of the text here is absolutely hysterical. "Save up to $300,000 on fuel" 😆
  12. CyberSleuth

    Recieved a text from Tesla about the Cybertruck

    I'm assuming most of you will receive the same thing.
  13. CyberSleuth

    What's a deal-breaker for you?

    Apologies if a similar thread already exists, but I was curious if anything might cause people to opt out of the Cybertruck as we get closer to launch. After final specs, pricing and performance figures are released is there something specific that would lead you to cancel your reservation...
  14. CyberSleuth

    Article - Art of the Cybertruck

    Just came across this and thought people might enjoy: Article: Basically compares the "polarizing design" of the CT to polarizing artists who ultimately end up driving the whole medium forward. There's also a wooden Cybertruck model...
  15. CyberSleuth

    You're driving down the road and see a Cybertruck - what do you do?

    With all the potato-level 10 second videos we've seen, I figured we should plan how to handle our own real world CT sighting. Here's how I would like to respond: Calmly notice the CT while maintaining good driving form Allow it to get in front of me so my dashcam has a full view If possible...
  16. CyberSleuth

    Cybertruck Bumper Sticker ideas

    As I've said in the past, I think the Cybertruck's limited color options will result in increased interest in personalization. Bumper stickers/magnets/decals are going to be popular. Since we have plenty of time to plan for these things, let's create the ultimate list of bumper sticker ideas...
  17. CyberSleuth

    Would you rather have the base Cybertruck with FSD, or dual motor without FSD for the same price?

    For the sake of argument, let's say these options work out to cost around the same. Would you go with the cheapest single motor Cybertruck but add full self driving, or upgrade to the dual motor with no FSD package? Thoughts?
  18. CyberSleuth

    Business Insider just posted a hit piece on the BAW I guess I'll just go ahead and cancel my pre-order then.
  19. CyberSleuth

    What backup sound do you want your Cybertruck to make?

    Assuming you can customize the reverse chime, what would you choose? The current Tesla backup hum just doesn't suit the Cybertruck IMO. I'm considering Flight of the Valkyries? 😅