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  1. Teslaman

    What’s the longest wait right now?

    You will be happy, and your patience rewarded. Had my AWD now since mid-March. So amazing! Be sure and stop by. Scott
  2. Teslaman

    Elon addresses Cybertruck door gap seen in MKBHD review

    I have an issue with the inner hinge, driver door. It is held by two TORX screws that seem to loosen with repeated door opening and closing (ie from the pusher mechanism). When loose the door does not close completely. Could I try and deal with this myself, maybe something like locktite?
  3. Teslaman

    Cybertruck doing truck things. 🦾 Post your photos!

    Great idea…but not looking to reinvest. My splitter is 27T. We were spltting an old oak with a >3ft diameter, had to use the vertical position.
  4. Teslaman

    You can power your house with Cybertruck if you already have a Powerwall!! [confirmed by Drew Baglino of Tesla]

    To me the question is: Will Powershare work with V2 gateway? If that is the case Powershare will be compatible with older Powerwall installations. Had heard that V3 is delayed several more months.
  5. Teslaman

    ❗️The INSANE Cost of Insurance for The Tesla CYBERTRUCK | How I REDUCED it

    Just got my VIN, and decided to look at the premiums for Tesla insurance coverage.Does anyone know the base amounts of liability/deductable?
  6. Teslaman

    Just got my VIN…higher # than all those posted in spreadsheet

    Got my VIN this am: 28XX Ordered 1/12 RN: 112832237 Delivery will be to Vallejo, CA
  7. Teslaman


    I balked originally at the 110K cost (after tax and lic) for the AWD FS. But decided to cash in a portion of my TSLA shares to generate the cash, I see poetry in that.
  8. Teslaman

    Introducing ProtectaClear: the smart coating option to protect your 30X stainless steel factory finish

    I am in Kelseyville, no problem going to Sac for a trial. Should have my CT by the end of March.
  9. Teslaman

    Cybertruck is almost sold out for 2024. Reservation conversion rate very encouraging (per Q4 2023 earnings call)

    Wow!…Certainly glad I cashed out 600 TSLA shares at 252 to pay for FS AWD. Still invested, but this downturn pretty tough to take.
  10. Teslaman

    Towing tested with 6,000lb Tesla and trailer load

    My typical tow, 2T (each bin 1/2T full of grapes), occasionally 3T. Trailer has car ramps and would fit my Tractor or Model S. Almost always under 50mi trips. Methinks doable in AWD CT.
  11. Teslaman

    Foundation Series Remorse

    I also had major remorse over both range and pricing of FS. This evening I placed my order for a couple of reasons: Unclear on how long I would have to wait for a not FS CT ( I am aging). The inclusion of both FSD and PowerShare.