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  1. Bizarrkley

    iPhone Widget - how to show different vehicles?

    I have a Model S in addition to Cybertruck. The widget on my latest version of IOS only shows the Model S (unless I tap on it and then slide to the CT). Any way to choose the CT as the "default" vehicle in the widget. I'd even be open to two widgets; one for each vehicle.
  2. Bizarrkley

    "Cybertruck" font license plate frame

    I'm looking for a license plate frame preferably black and has the Cybertruck stylized font/logo on it (nothing else). Any recommendations?
  3. Bizarrkley

    Mysterious glue like substance by door release button

    I just noticed this blue-ish drop of some sort of substance on the passenger side door by the release button. Any ideas what it is? I'm going to clean it once I get done with work today.