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  1. Punk77

    This may be Cybertruck's 2B stainless steel. Updated Scratch and Sniff* test.

    Forgot to add that I hope OP didn't go to too much trouble getting the stainless. I could have just taken a few pics in the shop:) Glad you posted it though, I sometimes forget most people don't look at stainless all day.
  2. Punk77

    This may be Cybertruck's 2B stainless steel. Updated Scratch and Sniff* test.

    I really hope it isn't 2B. I use tons of stainless and 2B always looks like crap. It scratches very very easily. We only use it when we know we will be powder coating the stainless. I sincerely hope its the #4 finish. That's what we use almost exclusively at my business and it holds up very...
  3. Punk77

    "300 miles is the new normal"

    I'm hoping that Battery Day gives us higher-yielding batteries. I would assume the mileage they are quoting stays the same, but maybe they can do it with less batteries than currently used. With less batteries comes lower costs. This is the only way I can see how the cybertruck will meet the...
  4. Punk77

    Rear passthrough possible

    If you read the actual tweet Elon himself replied that it's worth considering.
  5. Punk77


    Anyone else in MO been spreading the word about the CyberTruck?
  6. Punk77

    Rear passthrough possible

    Rendering of rear passthrough. Elon himself tweeted that it's worth considering.
  7. Punk77

    Cybertruck and CyberQuad in Travis Scott video

    Saw this today posted on Reddit. Not sure if it made it over here yet. Language NSFW.
  8. Punk77

    Congress Declines Tax Credit Extension Sought by Tesla

    Maybe I'm missing something. But by the time Tesla releases the cybertruck won't they have already sold over 600k cars in the USA? Must be around 520k + already.
  9. Punk77

    Ai Angel Cybertruck video. Most Cyber video I've seen yet.

    Not sure if this was posted, but I found it entertaining.
  10. Punk77

    Tesla Cybertruck GVWR Weight Will Exceed 8,500 lbs and be Classified as Medium-Duty Pickup

    I thought I read somewhere or watched a video that this may be a good thing and get around some regulations. I'll look around and see if I can find it.
  11. Punk77

    Cybertruck lease?

    If what I've seen from Elon is true then they aren't going to allow end of lease purchases. They want the cars back at the end of leases to add to their RoboTaxi service. They are expecting the batteries to last 500k - 1 million miles depending on the technology they use in the batteries.
  12. Punk77

    Rear Window

    I also want a screen to attach to the trailing edge of the tonneau cover so when you retract the cover it installs the screen for camping. Is that too much to ask ?
  13. Punk77


    In this pretty informative video they describe that the new glass material could be like using rainX at all times. That the glass is so smooth, due to the type "transparent aluminum" that the water will roll-off. Its a pretty long video, but they give a lot of information.
  14. Punk77

    Rear Window

    Does anyone have any information related to the rear window? Do we know if it rolls down? Would be nice to be able to heat/cool the bed of the truck.
  15. Punk77

    Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    I liked it from the get go, but took me a few days to "get approval" I'm In the RN11303000 range. Thinking that's in the the 260k range. Hoping half are the tri motor and another half cancel their orders. Might get it in first year of production.
  16. Punk77

    Tesla Cybertruck Render Imagines Changes Required To Reach Production

    Stainless is a major part of my decision. It's really not terribly expensive. I use tons of it yearly at my business. Thought it might be good promotionally ;)