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  1. PowerShare install price / value

    Where are you located? I got the exact same quote from Tesla. The only run I have is for the wall charger to go across my garage - 25ft. Did you ask the detailed plans? I did and received them separately. Of course I don’t understand them.
  2. So little info on Powershare

    Just so little information. Had a site visit from Tesla (not a third party) for Powershsre install. After 1 month, finally got an estimate with little information and something to sign. “Energy Pilot Terms” that references “Vehicle to Home (V2H) Powershare Pilot!” Clearly they are still...
  3. Window Tint Experiences & Suggestions?

    25% front windows (to match back windows) and 70% windshield, roof, and back windows. Mainly wanted infrared heat rejection and UV protection.
  4. Braking power

    Yeah ditto. Really need more regen for this thing! I don’t like using my breaks.
  5. Drive Seat Rubbing Center Console (Noise)

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. Other that squeak, this thing is awesome! Can’t wait to do a quick fix myself.
  6. Drive Seat Rubbing Center Console (Noise)

    Yeah I have something similar but not sure it is the seat and console as it seams like it is coming from the rear but haven’t had someone to sit back there and figure it out.
  7. Regen Braking need to be stronger

    Any one else feel like regen needs to increased for braking? I know this CT is so much heavier than my M3P, but one pedal driving is not that great. Needing to use brakes 100% more, since I rarely touch the brakes in my M3P. I keep thinking that something might be wrong but this is a tank and...
  8. Title and registration in CA as "Commercial Vehicle". What about your state?

    DMV site is confusing. “Commercial vehicles that are designed, used, or maintained primarily to transport property or people for hire, compensation, or profit must be registered.” NOT. Commercial motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) or combined gross vehicle weight (CGW) of 10,001...
  9. Title and registration in CA as "Commercial Vehicle". What about your state?

    Looking to see how your Cybertrucks are being registered in various states. Mine in CA was registered as “commercial” as opposed to “automobile”. First wanted to see if that is universal for CA and then for other states. For commercial vehicles CA collects more fees. This state!
  10. California HOV sticker eligibility?

    Curious, what does your registration say in the upper left hand corner. Does it say "commercial" or something else? Trying to determine if Tesla messed up on mine or not. I also ordered mine today. Thanks.
  11. Charging the Cybertruck at home?

    What kind of charging rate are you getting with it. For my MP3 is get 29/hr, but the CT is getting 18/hr. Have PowerShare evaluation appointment tomorrow.
  12. Delivery Day and Rust Rust and Rust

    I had the same thing on my hubs and discs. Really, embarrassing bad. Told It was brake dust that turns that way when moisture hits it. They showed me a bunch of Model S and X’s with something similar but not as bad. They said it will come off. I said it sure will, and made them take it...
  13. Power Share Installation Update and disappointment

    Thanks for the info. Someone is coming out on Monday for me, also in OC. What is the Tesla wall unit that they replaced. Is that just the Tesla mobile charger or something else. Meaning you spent some money when that was installed. Somewhat related, how fast are you charging at home, if it...
  14. VIN received!

    Picked it up on 2/7 and just dropped it this morning to get wrapped and tint, etc.
  15. Any sensors on Tailgate and Frunk to prevent accidentally opening in garage?

    Thanks for the reply’s. Already bought some garage pads. Tomorrow I will test whether or not there is a confirmation of whether you really want to open either. I bet it does.
  16. Any sensors on Tailgate and Frunk to prevent accidentally opening in garage?

    Really just need a way to keep from accidentally opening while at home via app or other way. Anyone who parks in the garage would want this as you can open the tailgate on the main screen of the app.
  17. Any sensors on Tailgate and Frunk to prevent accidentally opening in garage?

    Does anyone know whether or not there are sensors on the tailgate or frunk to ensure they don’t accidentally open in garage. Obvious garage door is in the way of tailgate and I have overhead cabinets that I park under that the frunk would hit if opened. Thx
  18. Indication you have a VIN Number (On your cell phone app.):

    Did you press “proceed with delivery”? If so, what was next?
  19. VIN received!

    Southern California. AWD. Reservation 11/22/19. Order 12/9/2023. Choices are to convert to non-FS (so it is a more complete vehicle on delivery), Model S, Model 3 “plaid” or just say screw it and take delivery. Either way I will be getting a new Tesla in the next couple of months. M3P is...