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  1. Cybertruck Paint? Production Jobs Listed as "Paint" Related

    I was checking out the job postings @ Giga Texas for Cybertruck, and they have roles in the expected areas - stamping, casting, drive units, battery packs, etc. But a couple of the posted openings surprised me a bit: Production Supervisor, Cybertruck, Paint Production Associate Manager...
  2. Early proto spotted

    I was driving near the Fremont factory last night, and spotted an early Cybertruck prototype:
  3. Consider placing another CT order.

    If you placed an early order, you might want to consider placing another one (or more). Why? Consider these reasons: - Ordering now will mean delivery probably a couple years later than your first order. What if your CT is totaled and you need a new one? - FSD is getting closer. If it is as...
  4. Open letter to Texas government representatives

    I sent a version of this via e-mail to Governor Abbott, and my state Senator and Representative today: --- Dear <Gov/Senator/Rep>, I feel blessed to be an American, living in Texas, and I’m grateful to you for defending our freedoms as Texans. I am writing to you about our rights of choice as...