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  1. Rumor: prepare for pricing in the "mid to high 70s," or starting from about US$75,000

    $75K USD? If indeed this is true, which puts it well north of $100K in Loonies.... that makes it big no from me dawg. I need a working truck at a decent price, not some showpiece for the neighbourhood. Yeah, yeah, you can take my place in line blahblahblah, but lets get real, this would make...
  2. What price point will you cancel your order?

    Its been so long since I looked at my calcs on this. Based on original "pricing", I think I had it out the door <$100,000 Canadian for a dual motor with FSD. In the intervening years.. I've become less enthused about dropping that kind of coin on the CT. But we shall see, right? I will likely...
  3. Cybertruck labeled "side-show cult car" for superfans by analyst

    Paranoia? Really? From "mega casting" the frame to a folding metal exoskeleton to the giant single wiper blade... all these elements are new and not part of their existing track record (or anybody elses for that matter). I'm just taking a "wait and prove it" stance, there is no paranoia...
  4. Honoring Original Estimated Pricing

    ... it just seems like 4 years... ;)
  5. Cybertruck labeled "side-show cult car" for superfans by analyst

    We have zero actual production units rolling. Whether Tesla can actually ramp up production has yet to be proven... the fit/finish has not been seen. We do not have final pricing/options packages. There is no real world testing of said production model as to its reliability. So, right now its...
  6. Latest Cybertruck spotted "off road" at Tesla Campus for Engineering Event!!! 👀 [VIDEO]

    Doesn't it need to have crash testing done? They really haven't done any real post production testing yet.
  7. How long to 50k Trucks delivered? (Plotted out)

    Well... since this is all a new production type (ie stainless steel)... sustained volumes have a long way to be proven. I'm kind of in the "I'll believe it when I see it" crowd. My old ride (Sienna) was on its final legs, so I needed something! So far it has been a fantastic truck.
  8. How long to 50k Trucks delivered? (Plotted out)

    Based on this... and my reservation # (high 400k), this looks like 2028 delivery. Still no details on final MSRP too, I'm out if its gone up substantially. The only good thing is that there is plenty of time to determine if they are producing a quality vehicle. ... in the meantime I am super...
  9. Cybertruck is waterproof enough to serve as a boat to cross rivers, lakes & calm seas -- confirms Musk 🚤

    I'll formally predict the CT will not be able to cross lakes or calm seas. The man is delusional.
  10. FORD releases F-150 LIGHTNING mini-Me “Maverick”

    The Maverick is a bridge to a fully electric lineup of trucks (well the hybrid is). F150 Lightning and following on will be the Ranger and Maverick lightning. I ordered a Maverick Hybrid in June 2021, received it in April this year. It has been flawless... and I am getting ~47mpg. It doesn't...
  11. If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    $89,000 USD = $114,000 CDN + say $2,000 for freight, plus 13% HST is $131,000. And that is without any add-on packages. I would hazard a guess it will get up to $150,000 CDN Fully loaded. Not a chance I'm in at those prices....
  12. If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    Nope. That is running over $130,000 CDN with taxes... (and thats before any extra stuff, like installing a home charger and any add on stuff). That's crazy level cash.... not for a daily truck. I'll get a Lightning for 1/2 the price.
  13. The Laughable & Ugly Wiper

    This has to be updated. I can't imagine that thing being able to move fast enough to be useful in a downpour...
  14. What would prevent your purchase?

    Price. I'm at the top of my range with a dual motor. Final MSRP cannot change much from the initial #'s
  15. How many shares of Tesla do you own?

    20 toyota dealerships... 12 Ford in the same radius, etc. Plus all the regular garages that can get parts from them (assuming they start repairing EVs too). Of course Tesla repairs could be done by independents too, but the playing field tips in favor of the legacy mfgs I think. Nobody really...
  16. How many shares of Tesla do you own?

    Well that's true.. EVs do need far less regular maintenance! So if everything is sorted you probably only need an annual visit. Its likely to be software issues or physical repairs over common stuff like brakes/rotors/tires. So what do you do when its throwing some strange error code? I have...
  17. How many shares of Tesla do you own?

    Tesla has and continues to make interesting vehicles (CT of course) however I think Teslas' real archilles heel will be parts and service. They do not have the infrastructure to manage the service side. I live in a massive urban/suburban area (~6 million ppl) there are 2 Tesla service centres...
  18. How many shares of Tesla do you own?

    Zero. Its a speculative stock in my opinion... it might be possible to buy/sell and make a profit, but the EV landscape is far from settled.