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  1. L3it3R

    1200+ mile trip from Maryland to Maine and back

    the trip called “Advancement” is the one we just finished. I’ll add more context soon 😎
  2. L3it3R

    Door Puddle Lights and Interior Lights by Abstract Ocean

    Just got done installing these by @AO-Pete (Abstract Ocean). Love the look! I have to say that some of the locations are a bit of a bear, but it wasn’t hard overall.
  3. L3it3R

    Cheap and effective windshield cleaner for inside glass window : cleaning pole / wand

    Stopped at AutoZone and found this wand for $12 or so. It works GREAT. Comes with three pads - just used invisible glass on one, swapped to a dry one to clear, jumped in the passenger seat and did it again on the other side. just wanted to share since I STRUGGLED last night trying to clean it...
  4. L3it3R

    CT buyers: previously purchased a car without driving one?

    I don't think the 3 or Y counts for me as we had test driven one of both models before we bought ours (though, not the exact ones we have) I've purchased only one other car without driving it. And my CT will be my 21st vehicle. Wondering how common that is? Mine was a 2018 MK7.5 Golf R. Ordered...