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  1. empiredown

    Giga! (Warning Meat Content!)

    Took my father-in-law down to Lockhart today for a bit of sustenance.... (Kreuz Market before the Sunday rush...) Stopped off on the way back to pay respects... The Big Green Monster is no joke. (Photos don't do this place justice. Just massive and impressive...) Can't. Wait. !. SS
  2. empiredown

    Good roll up vid of changes / tweaks since launch...

    No affiliation. I still don't agree with door handles vice handles (believing it will be something internal that has changed...)... but not discounting the vid because of that. Enjoy! SS
  3. empiredown


    Just sayin'. Either you get it or you don't. Made my day hearing we'll be able to pick up here what's made here.... ẞ