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    lol! NGL. Thats pretty funny. 😂
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    Who dat? Never heard of him. Then again, I don’t have insta…
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    TONNEAU COVER STUCK AT 5 INCHES OPEN ... on long roadtrip ... any known fixes?

    That sucks. Sorry. I had the same issue. Made a service appt where they fixed th issue but used the app to control the vault while I waited. That being said, I gotta know what the “unwanted action” is… 😂😂😂
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    TheSmokingTire - Review of the CT

    You didn’t really just use Matt and humility in the same post did you?… 😂😂 Personally I think the man is a pompous douche canoe.
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    TheSmokingTire - Review of the CT

    I see what you’re saying but my argument is that negative reviews tend to get far more clicks than positive ones. Being a hater is a very human thing… 😂😂 I should have been more clear with my statement. My bad.
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    TheSmokingTire - Review of the CT

    “Here's Why The Production Cybertruck is a Failure - TheSmokingTire” Yeah with a title like that, it must be really objective…. 😂😂 Come on dude. Stop with the “Hm no bias there” garbage. The truck isn’t perfect. Far from it. It’s a first run first production vehicle. It’s going to have...
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    TheSmokingTire - Review of the CT

    Yes a close up of one particular truck…. I’ve had my truck since the end of February. It had a few fit and finish issues that took Tesla SC less than one day to remedy. Definitely don’t feel ripped off…..😂😂 YMMV ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe I should do a YouTube of how much I think my truck is awesome...
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    Delivery Pickup Planning

    Was only like a 30-45min process for me when I picked up my truck a few months ago. most of the paperwork you’ll have already finished in the app so signing the few remains wasn’t a big deal in my experience enjoy your truck!!
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    Mud Flaps Installed on Cybertruck - First Photos

    Ah I respectfully disagree!! I love my dirty, muddy stainless steel truck. I think it looks awesome!! 😂😂
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    Service Center Incommunicado

    Just curious, did you hammer call or otherwise harass the Tesla SC when you ordered your other Teslas? If not, I think you know the answer to your own question dude. Oh and you’re thinking about “breaking up” with Tesla after you’ve received a VIN and you’re paid??? Yeah ok..….😂😂😂 Chill out...
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    Poll on Non-FS CT

    The more the merrier! I purchased the FS because i could afford it. I hope the non-FS comes soon so those that are waiting simply due to the financial piece can get their trucks!! Cheers!!
  12. DumpsterFire

    (OOS Already) Underseat Storage Bin Back In Stock!

    Thanks Dad… 😂 Except they don’t always send an email. I’ve put a couple of these types of item on email alert and didn’t get a notification so there is that.
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    (OOS Already) Underseat Storage Bin Back In Stock!

    Sweet Jesus! Do they only make like 5 of these out of stock items at a time?? 😂😂
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    Got my first middle finger

    Ive gotta the finger a few times but I’m convinced that it’s less the truck and more the fact that I drive it reeeeeeeally fast. I’m always happy to take a middle finger I deserve. 😂😂
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    Cybertruck took 40 bullets.

    That is correct. The doors are noticeable thicker. Heavy af! Haha