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  1. Ogre

    Been a couple days since I posted here…

    … hows everyone doing? Kind of a good news/ bad news post. Bad news. WTF Tesla….. $100k for a F*ing pickup truck? Seriously GTFO. I’ll let my new friend tell you about the good news.
  2. Ogre

    Q2 2023 Earnings Call Bingo.

    Considering sometime this quarter we are very likely to have a launch party and production has officially started, we’re all going to be on the next earnings call. Or wish we could be. So why not have a little play at it. We’ll have a bingo card, there are plenty of generators out there, I’ll...
  3. Ogre

    🔥 Cybertruck Spied Out of California! – Driving on Texas Roads! 🤠 🔥

    This is so hot I’m going to melt. Get this. It’s the Cybertruck. On public roads… 1,500 miles east of San Jose in Texas. Is this the rumored 1,500 range truck? Did aliens accidentally land the truck 7 stats away? Is there something wrong with the nag systems? it’s in Texas!
  4. Ogre

    Cybertruck bed rack / tool rack + accessories (shovels) first look! 🧰

    Me: I probably don’t care much about accessories. Tesla drags out the first accessories publicly… Me: MUST HAVE. This is almost like xactly the sort of thing I’d want.
  5. Ogre

    More Wiper issues.

    The new prototype wiper Musk was talking about was on its way to Giga Texas and there was a small problem.
  6. Ogre

    About that Overhang…

    Was looking at some photos of the truck and noticed something. It’s been there all along, but I didn’t really think about it. The overhang might be 6-8” wide, but that’s from the rear window. The rear window is inset about 4-6 inches from the rear wall of the vault to accommodate the vault...
  7. Ogre

    If Tesla let you pay to move 1 year closer to delivery. How much would you pay?

    Assuming for a moment that there was a legitimate option direct from Tesla to upgrade your timing by exactly 1 year (or for those who are less than a year to move to the first couple months). How much would you be willing to pay and could afford to pay? Keep current interest rates in mind. I’m...
  8. Ogre

    Cybertruck trailering explained

    When I asked my sisters ex husband’s cousin who works for a janitorial services next to Giga Texas about Cybertruck accessories, she just grinned at me and sent me this link. Pretty sure this solves all the trailering issues in one swoop. Aerodynamic? Yep. Can use Tesla chargers without...
  9. Ogre

    Are these Cybertruck Castings?

    Joe Tegtmeyer was asking. Curious what folks here thought. I’m not sure myself. Kind of seem like they are new/ different but maybe not?
  10. Ogre

    V4 Superchargers Rated at 615 kW — Cybertruck will be fastest charging EV on the road.

    New v4 Chargers are out there now. The basic math: 1000v @ 615A = 615 kW. I think this means 500v vehicles will top off at 307 kW. A charge rate of 615 kW crushes any other EV out there. Particularly since Cybertruck is likely more efficient than competitors. Interesting thing is these were...
  11. Ogre

    Would you delay purchase if the dual motor is first?

    Recent video claims dual motor truck will be first. If the shorter ranger lower performance truck is first do you still buy it? Likely hypothetical for most people since tri/ quad will likely follow a year or less after.
  12. Ogre

    FSD v11 Released to Customers.

    The biggest FINALLY Ever. FSD v11 has been released to the public. This is the full stack release which uses the new stack on the highway.
  13. Ogre

    Tesla taking Cybertruck pre-orders in Mexico and Canada again

    Pretty sure both Canada and Mexico were able to pre-order previously. IMO this is super good news. Can’t imagine they’d restart pre-orders in these countries if it was going to take 5+ years to start getting deliveries there.
  14. Ogre

    This is how our baby will be made. (No girl trucks or boy trucks involved)

    When they were showing the “Unboxed” production video, one of the engineers said “Just like the Cybertruck. Ignore the paint step, replace the storage area in the back with a huge vault, and it will look a lot like this. (Second Video)
  15. Ogre

    First Supercharger with Magic Dock CCS Adapter charges up a Rivian

    PS if you see a Rivian parked like this to charge at a Supercharger you are permitted to put a rock through the windshield.
  16. Ogre

    How long to 50k Trucks delivered? (Plotted out)

    Was thinking about when I would get my truck (again) so I thought I would make a quick plot. This is a fairly simple model, but likely about as close as any. The chart assumes production starts in June, though I do have a sample of what a later start might look like. The baseline (blue) is...
  17. Ogre

    Is this a Cybertruck casting / frame / part shown in video posted by Tesla?

    Someone have an idea of what this is? It looks like a casting… but none we’ve seen before. Fooled too many times to leap to any assumptions. EDIT: @ED_SFO posted some Model X images and it’s almost certain that’s what this is. You can see it in motion on video: PS: It’s not a...
  18. Ogre

    🗽 Cybertruck beautiful under NYC lights (update: older video posted)

    Just love so much how this looks with colorful lighting. Also answers a bunch of questions. Looks like a beta truck. Has no door handles, no passenger side mirror, original wheels, the light bar is on, and apparently the wiper has been removed. Awww snap. Chased it down it is older...
  19. Ogre

    Congratulations Model Y Buyers! (Price Rise Again)

    Congrats to @greggertruck and @John K (and anyone else who sneaked in) for managing to snag their Model Ys at the 52 week Low. That’s right… prices went up by another $500 and are unlikely to come back down for a while. If you haven’t gotten one yet, there seem to be a lot of Texas made 4680...