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  1. ideaXfactory

    Passivating my Cybertruck

    I passivated my Cybertruck today and it worked well. I decided to use CitriSurf 2310, which has a higher viscosity, so works better on vertical surfaces. Though I have passivated Stainless Steel using Nitric Acid in the past, the CitriSurf 2310 seemed a little easier to keep wet on the surface...
  2. ideaXfactory

    Windex not the same as Glass Cleaner? Bad for the Stainless?

    So I decided to do a simple ph test on Windex myself... Windex has long been used synonymously in slang with Glass Cleaner, but it's important to recognize that it is a very strong cleaner that typically contain ammonia. It was also so strongly alkaline - reading off the scale. Also off the...
  3. ideaXfactory

    Jan-March delivery miss? Still no vin? Who else?

    I've a low RN - RN11275XXX and was promised a delivery window of Jan - March, and still no vin.... it's looking like Tesla is not going to make it by the end of March and I think quite a few of us may be in the same boat... Who else is still waiting for a Vin and was promise delivery Jan -...