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  1. Wolfgram

    10,000 miles of CT experience… good and bad.

    The good: Did you know that the Cybertruck blind spot LED works unlike any other blind spot indicator? If a vehicle is approaching in an adjacent lane from behind at high speed the corresponding LED will illuminate much earlier. It actually takes velocity of traffic into account to warn you...
  2. Wolfgram

    3M High Gloss Deep Space Flip Wrap on my Cybertruck

    I was not a fan of gloss wraps on Cybertruck, but this color changing gloss looks great in person! Thanks to Brian at i1Tesla for doing the wrap and embossing!
  3. Wolfgram

    Interesting Reactions in South Texas to my Cybertruck

    I've had the Cybertruck for one week now, and here are the unexpected things I've encountered so far... REACTIONS Almost every in-person reaction is very positive. Especially surprised to see the "real truck people" in south Texas absolutely LOVE the Cybertruck! I figured these would be the...
  4. Wolfgram

    Cybertruck Delivery DELAYS -- mine is pending, missing parts in Austin

    My CT was scheduled to arrive at Brownsville, TX on 2/1. I would be taking delivery today (2/3) I already paid and everything! But it appears CTs are being held in waiting area, pending missing parts in Austin. ☹️ No update on delivery date and system still says arriving on 2/1. 🤷🏻‍♂️