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  1. Bed light stop working when open Tonneau Cover !!

    I did reset, still not working is there place where turn it on off?
  2. TESLA Admit it's Hard to Manufacture CyberTruck

    Q4 Jan 24, 2024 Press Release Tesla Investor Relations The wait going to be much longer.
  3. Tire rotation @6k miles seriously!??

    Just finished the update 2024.8.4 And this message popped
  4. 11.5 kw 48A not adding 46 mile per hour

    I it this charger it’s really good happy with it.. lot of charger for the money WiFi you can monitor and adjust the charging rate .. my issue It show 48A max but I’m only at this rate should add at least 40 mile per hour but I’m only 27mile per hour .. I’m using 14-50 plug ..
  5. Any idea how to properly charge iPhone?

    The wireless charger overheats the iPhone fast and iPhone will stop charging. i can't find cigarette outlet or USB . if the CT come with 48V system will be hard to find accessories
  6. One week Multiple failures WTF!!

    This morning was ok yesterday , how to reset!? Car not holding its rolling when depress brakes
  7. Confirmed tonneau cover isn't water proof

    Per service the tonneau is not water proof Its just cover for visibility purposes
  8. I don’t think you need PPF protection. The steel panels hard to damage

    highway speed hit by hard object , I think it was a rock .. very loud bang I was surprised no dent Just deep scratches .. BFK cleared it in minutes The picture before and after
  9. How to secure luggage in Cybertruck Bed ?

    never owned truck how to do it for long trip?
  10. They get same attention!!!!

    2012 we had same experience As of last night People stop us all the time .. ask what is this ? Who made it ? but this one can run our RV when camping 😂😂😂😂
  11. How TESLA know if you resell a Cybertruck?

    If you sold it for over seas . Can they tell?