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  1. Cybertruck Event [SPECULATION]

    I believe that Tesla will probably(>30%) have another CT event with the updated design. While the livestream wasn't the worst thing in the world, there is so much more information about the truck that we don't know including what's new and old(there were rumors that the event ended way too soon...
  2. Ventilated Seats in Cybertruck

    It was unclear that Tesla was going to put ventilated seats in the Cybertruck because they didn't with the S/X... Until now The reason why it took so long in the first place is (allegedly) due to the fact that Tesla uses vegan leather and haven't found out a way to integrate ventilation with...
  3. Cybertruck and Semi battery cells

    Tesla must be using thier new cells for the CT and the Semi before anything else. Would be interesting to see if the 4680 form factor is just for their heavy duty lineup.
  4. Dust on Construction Sites

    Will the Cybertruck have any system to combat dust from sites? We get a lot of dust in our trucks at the end of the day and was wondering if this wouldn't be a problem. Could the HVAC system help with this or perhaps the climate could circulate the air while at work without draining too much power.