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  1. FarAway

    Cybertruck and Delorean side by side

    A pretty keen side by side photo of the Cybertruck and the Delorean, not my photo but I thought it needed sharing.
  2. FarAway

    Need for a charger station "emergency-breakaway" device?

    Something I had never thought about, the need to rapidly drive away from a charger (flee?) without having to exit the vehicle and disconnect. I could easily think of a few scenarios where one might want to do this, not all involve an aggressor outside the car. For example, a fuel spill and...
  3. FarAway

    ( EDIT) Every SpaceX launch from Cape Canaveral 2010-2023 (Awesome video -time lapse!)

    SpaceX!! (new link) This is way cool and well worth the minute it takes to watch.
  4. FarAway

    Using the Cybertruck as a bike jump ramp?

    Saw this on the X. Hey Dude, can I borrow your $100k Cybertruck? He is definitely durability testing on the vault cover and the windshield!! This is crazy or as the poster says "dope". LOL, love it!
  5. FarAway

    Finally got my CyberTruck....

    ....bottle opener. LOL! I couldn't wait. Seller on eBay has these, laser cut stainless steel, they look nice. It ships from Ukraine and measures approx. 90 x 30 mm / 3.5 in x 1.2 in Easily fits in your pocket. He has them as keychains also.
  6. FarAway

    NO TAX CREDIT! Tesla Cybertruck 2024

    Looks like no tax credit for the Cybertruck in 2024. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but figured I would get out there so those placing orders are not surprised. ((BTW, the Ford Lighting ($7500) and Rivian ($3750) still qualify for the credit.)) From, The TESLAs that...
  7. FarAway

    Bethesda, MD Tesla store, you.....

    ...SUCK! I ventured out to the TESLA showroom yesterday, Dec. 26. This one has a CT on display and is located in a mall in Bethesda, MD. (who new people still go to malls!) It is over a two-hour drive from my home, one way. Upon arriving and entering the showroom, I can see the CT roped...
  8. FarAway

    Leasing a TESLA car, interim plans?

    My Pontiac is dead. I have been nursing it for years waiting for the CT. I now need an interim vehicle. If I buy a something, it will be a used ICE pickup. I would prefer to simply lease a TESLA and just hand it back to them when the CT shows up, but the problem is who knows how long I...
  9. FarAway

    What to do??

    Like most of you I am staggered by the double gut shot of both a ginormous price increase combined with a surprising reduction in range to the anemic level. I originally ordered the tri-motor but am now struggling with what to do. Do I settle for the dual, buy the beast or just cancel all...
  10. FarAway

    For Amusement ONLY

    A couple of CGI videos for your entertainment... (at this point we all need something to make us laugh :oops: )
  11. FarAway

    It's Official

    A vehicle on the "vehicles" page.
  12. FarAway

    Top Gear names Cybertruck as Disrupter Of The Year

    Top Gear names Cybertruck as Disrupter Of The Year. They will release the LA video after the "embargo", that is the delivery event tomorrow. Here is the 30 second teaser. Teaser video "It takes wedgie and edgie to a whole...
  13. FarAway

    ?? Will CyberTrucks still be on display in the Showrooms after the Delivery Event??

    Will the CyberTrucks, now in the showrooms, remain on display after this Thursday's delivery event? I have read a couple of posts that insinuate these CT's will be delivered to VIP buyers on Thursday, concurrent with the delivery event in Giga, TX. I would prefer to delay my pilgrimage to...
  14. FarAway

    Happy (CyberTruck) Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday, even if it doesn't come 'til Nov. 30th.
  15. FarAway

    Cybertruck drag "race" with Tesla Semi

    I just ran across this, great video, I had not seen it posted here before. "Race" is in quotes because it looks like it is more for fun. Watch video here: Cybertruck "races" Tesla Semi
  16. FarAway

    Giga factory assembly line questions

    How do auto assembly lines in general and Tesla assembly lines in particular operate? Are they manned and running 24/7 or are they shut down for some period of time either daily or weekly. Do they always operate at the same speed? Would they shut down for major holidays? Christmas? I...
  17. FarAway

    TESLA Q3 2023 production / delivery results: 435k delivered and 430k produced

    Tesla Vehicle Production & Deliveries and Date for Financial Results & Webcast for Third Quarter 2023 Tesla Vehicle Production & Deliveries and Date for Financial Results & Webcast for Third Quarter 2023 BUSINESS WIRE Oct 2, 2023 AUSTIN, Texas, October 2, 2023 – In the third quarter, we...
  18. FarAway

    Huge win for Tesla stock holders

    Seems like good news for TSLA investors. Fingers crossed! Win for Tesla stock investors.
  19. FarAway

    Will "Joe the Contractor" buy the CT?

    It's hard to predict right now. Will "Joe the Contractor" buy the CT? Most of the "guys" driving the ubiquitous white F-150's are the ones that need to be won over for the CT to make a deep impact. High fuel prices help... but the truck needs to make their jobs easier not harder. Cost of...
  20. FarAway

    Article: CyberTruck an "oddity" and not as indicative of Tesla's future as Model 3 Highland -- Agree or Disagree?

    Interesting post from "The Tesla Space" Look at the Model 3 Highland and NOT at the CyberTruck as an indicator of Tesla's future HIGHLAND AND TESLA’S FUTURE - The details are very interesting of course - who doesn’t love to oggle the new features on a car - but it’s what these new features...