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  1. SSonnentag

    Tesla website provides two range estimates for the AWD Cybertruck

    I just noticed that Tesla lists the following two bits of information on their website regarding the AWD Cybertruck: Estimated Range: 340 miles Consumption Rating: 42.9 kWh/100mi With a given battery capacity of 123 kWh, 429 Wh/mi comes to a range estimate of 286 miles. This actually seems...
  2. SSonnentag

    Trade in value / FMV discussions

    Tesla offers roughly 40% of fair market value.
  3. SSonnentag

    Lockers -- What do we actually know?

    I have seen official word from Tesla that the tri-motor Cyberbeast comes with a front locker. But do we have any official word or evidence that the AWD dual-motor will come with front and/or rear lockers?
  4. SSonnentag

    Baja Destination Chargers Rated at 18kW

    In looking at Tesla's map of destination chargers, I see many 2-station locations sporting "up to 18kW" designations. I presume that many of these sites were outfit with destination chargers specifically for Cybertruck testing. To my thinking, this indicates the Cybertruck's onboard charger will...
  5. SSonnentag

    Raised air suspension rides like a lumber wagon.

    We have a 2017 S and a 2018 X. Both vehicles have air suspension, but when at full height they are so stiff and bouncy that they aren't useful for much more than clearing a tall speedbump. What are the odds that the CyberTruck's suspension will actually be useful for any sort of driving that...
  6. SSonnentag

    Will the Cybertruck have adaptive headlights?

    With the signing of the Infrastructure Bill, adaptive headlights in the US will finally be allowed.