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  1. Diehard

    How to charge at home?

    Which one is worse for the battery; higher number of cycles? Or spending more time at SOCs away from from 50%? Assuming in both cases you consume the same number of KWhs annually. In other words charging to 90% using 10% every day until you hit 10% (1 cycle but spending a day at 90% and a...
  2. Diehard

    What will surprise you at the event?

    Pick an option or post your own. I may recycle your response and add it to the options. It does not have to be serious.
  3. Diehard

    Tesla is selling superchargers to BP

    How do you guys think the network behind this will work? Will you be able to use your Tesla account to plug and charge or this is yet another membership?
  4. Diehard

    Silverado EV Work Truck $78K-450 miles-350KW peak charging

    This is for fleet but just in case you are interested, it may give you some idea what RST will be like: Out of specs; Silverado EV Work Truck (WT) Review! First Drive by Out of Spec EV buyers guide: Alex does some towing at Min 21. RST interior in Min 26. TFL: 10.2 KW V2L:
  5. Diehard

    What concept cars would you skip CT for?

    Regardless of how feasible it is for production, and what classification it fits, what have you seen that you would choose over CT if it was real? An Audi may be? I wonder if they are talking to apple for the headset.
  6. Diehard

    Rivian Price Bump

    Rivian just pulled a Lightning. Their prices for existing reservation holders for the vehicle and many options has significantly increased. I think this should be expected for CT as well even if Tesla has not done that in the past.
  7. Diehard

    Battery Leak

    I have read some conflicting info and need some clarification. I understand BEVs lose charge just by sitting there. That is mostly due to the car doing it's own thing with battery maintenance, spying and other duties but aside from that my understanding is that even if battery is...
  8. Diehard

    Charging new CTs?

    As I was watching the construction site charging stations at the parking lot outside being built, it made me wonder when Y and CT are at full production and employees charging outside, how can grid handle charging every new CT and Y? Do the battery packs get charged to 50% when they are...
  9. Diehard

    How would CT cast do in a mild crash?

    I always wondered how easily CT is totaled. Where do you guys think he is spot on and where do you think he is off? Additional thoughts?
  10. Diehard

    Engine braking without an engine

    I am wondering about regenerative break when you are towing a trailer down the mountain. Since Semi is ready to go, I am sure Tesla has figured this out but it is all still a big question mark to me. A V8 has a better engine breaking than V6 in an ICE. Will the Regen be different in...
  11. Diehard

    CT Camp Mode

    With Y being manufactured in the same factory, there is no way CT is not going to hear about Camp mode. I have a hard time believing a vehicle that size will not try to accommodate it some how. What are your ideas on how it can happen without a full pass-through? I am fairly sure as wide as...
  12. Diehard

    eBike in Vault

    I am looking at Electric Bikes that are 80 Ib - 90 lb and not fold-able. The idea of just rolling them up in back of CT and closing the vault while they are standing makes CT that much more attractive. I am thinking even a typical rigid fork bike height is around 42". The highest point of...
  13. Diehard

    CT2 vs CT3 Payload

    For those of you that want to geek out about potential payload difference between the trims, give me your best guess. I assume CT1 has the maximum payload of 3500 Ib, CT2 slightly lower due to additional motor but close. The largest difference should be between CT2 and CT3 since there is an...
  14. Diehard

    Tax Credit on trade-in

    Assuming the new tax credit passes and it stays around for several years, if I get a lightening in 2022 and trade it in for a CT in 2024, would I be able to get the full tax credit on both?
  15. Diehard

    CT Production Capacity Guesstimate

    This dude has thrown in some guessimates here that give me hope (500,000 / year). Do you think these numbers are possible in 2023? Much of what he talks about is not new but on demand and especially production capacity , where do you think he is correct and where do you think he is off? p.s...
  16. Diehard

    A shorter CT

    The new images of CT brings up the question where the 3% was taken from? This image could be real since the rear door look smaller and there are no door handles. Where would you rather lose the space that is taken from CT to make up that 3%? Would you prefer a smaller CT or like the original...
  17. Diehard

    Are there four CTs moving around the country?

    Folks are quoting this dude. I am not sure how valid it is. Have any of you heard anything from any other source in this regard? They are saying they look like the original CTs. Has anyone seen any of them on the road or he is just messing with us?
  18. Diehard

    CyberSUV vs Cybertruck

    I was thinking if Tesla does not implement the full pass mid-gate but at the update announces an SUV variant with the same capabilities, size and price, and let me switch holding the same spot in the line, would I? It makes sense for Tesla. Removing the vault cover and mechanism makes...
  19. Diehard

    Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    Model Y is selling like hotcakes. Will Tesla be shooting itself in the foot with introducing CT at the same price point (CT2 vs Y)? Do you think: - Y will have a price drop when CT rolls in? - CT will have a price hike in form of options? - Tesla will delay or slow down production of CT...