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  1. Albern

    🏁 Video: Cybertruck on Fremont Test Track! Also Featuring Gen 1 Roadster [4/1/23]

    Note the 4 to 6 rectangular holes in the bed. I don't recall seeing them on the Prod Beta version at Investor Day. Maybe attachment points for accessories or part of a railing system? It appears that the underbody frame is painted white, which might explain why there are calls for paint...
  2. Albern

    CNBC: Does the Tesla Semi Live Up to the Hype -- How Pepsi is using it in operations

    CNBC did a piece about the Semi and it shows what the Megacharger looks like in-person.
  3. Albern

    SpaceX - Welding Stainless Steel, Lessons Learnt, and Applications to CyberTruck

    Cool video by Primal Space on SpaceX's manufacturing history with stainless steel and the Starship program. I'm sure there will be a lot of lessons learnt that will be applied to CT. As I've commented here before, in one of the Everyday Astronaut interviews with Elon, there was a portion that...
  4. Albern

    Rumored Cybertruck Configurations - Dual, Quad, and PLAID

    Sawyer Merrit has indicated that Cybertruck will be available with the above 3 configuration options when interviewed by Dave Lee: Despite being an outsider, Merrit has a lot of good sources of truth at Tesla and this is the first time I'm hearing strong evidence of the planned existence of...
  5. Albern

    ? Quad Motor Cybertruck and Crab Walk (Independent Front & Rear Wheel Steering) Confirmed!!

    EDIT** Confirmed by Elon himself!! From a few reliable sources in conjunction with the recent release of CT-related merchandise and the anticipation of a supposed 12/9 announcement, there's speculation that there will be a Quad-Motor variant. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on a...
  6. Albern

    Cybertruck Hot Wheels 1:64 Die-Cast

    Saw this on Instagram via Reddit. So in addition to the R/C 1:10 and 1:64 models, there will be a 1:64 die-cast version as part of the 2021 Main Line "M" case. Source Cybertruck is also listed here