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  1. Image of new Cybertruck with a polished stainless steel finish?

    It could also be totally photoshopped with the flat surfaces and sharp angles. Probably one of the easiest to PS. peace
  2. Rivian Starts shipping to Customer

    The important thing to me here, is relative to Tesla. These are Rivian's first vehicles, unless you include Ford into their equation. The first runs will need tweaks and bug resolution, until they begin flowing smoothly. Good news for them, that should help their stock. My question would be...
  3. Tesla Model Y body castings begin to stack up at Giga Texas

    Maybe practicing with the new Gigapress. Not a bad idea, rather than get your first taste when production starts. That would be sad business practice. peace
  4. Anyone considering getting Solar with the new Green Act

    Yeah, I planned long ago to have solar, reducing the cost of using my vehicle. That was my idea too, of a solar ability, to allow even more out of the CT. All great options. peace
  5. Israeli company unveils electric vehicle battery that can recharge in 10 minutes

    Sounds like good tech coming. The Israelis are strong intellectually, and that's cool. Maybe this is just the beginning fo improvements to come. peace
  6. Any other pickups considered before reserving your CT?

    I was looking at the Dodge ecoboost type with cummins diesel. I was hoping they would get up over 30mpg, and the cummins would become more bulletproof like other cummins engines are. The Cybertruck came at the perfect time for me. The good of the Cybertruck sealed me, and while I look at...
  7. Vault pass through access determines purchase?

    A midgate would be appreciated, but will not determine my purchase decision. peace
  8. Elon Musk says Tesla (TSLA) is worth $3,000 a share ‘if they execute really well’

    Stock price is all about expectation vs reality. Tesla has a high bar already, and it will be tough to consistently exceed the bar they've set for themselves. These delays in CT (and Roadster and Semi) would put the market off, quite a bit. Not good. peace
  9. Elon Musk updates Tesla Cybertruck delivery target, hints at novel features

    I hate to have to say it, but "novel features" is simply a distraction for the fact that the CT is going to be VERY late. And maybe even later than this. I don't distract so easily. It's very late, and in my mind, they don't have an exact date even now. Sad to say. peace
  10. Wilderness and fording rivers

    No, all you need is to vent any air inlets or outlets up high, waterproof anything that needs it, and go. peace
  11. What steering wheel would you like to see?

    See, we know it's been a very long time since any new credible and worthy information. We are discussing yoke steering wheels, making them glass, who had it first, my daddy is bigger, etc. Yes, if the real world walked in and saw this conversation, I'm pretty sure we'd all be locked up in...
  12. A Unionized Tesla Workforce Could Benefit All Parties

    A union isn't needed with Tesla - the workers have whatever they want and need, and more. Elon is a new kind of Employer, and a union isn't needed. peace
  13. What steering wheel would you like to see?

    I'm not reading all previous... I don't mind a yoke, but only if it's electronic steering. No lock to lock. Just rotate right to turn, increase pressure to decrease radius. If we go with the old school, manual steering with power assist, even if adaptive; it's all old school with...
  14. 4680Cell Cybertruck coming soon

    EVs exist today because of Elon, directly. Everyone, the whole world, has been locked up for decades thinking to resolve the EV question was too large of a problem - New vehicles, contrary to Big Oil (who used to buy off challenges products), infrastructure, and more. Elon didn't care about...
  15. Cybertruck Frunk

    I like a versatile frunk. Option 1: Someone said something about a cooler - well, what if you could order a refrigerated frunk, complete with insulative panels and access from either the cab OR hood, powered by the huge battery bank. Talk about camp mode! Option 2: Live well, for bait, or...
  16. Tesla (TSLA) Catalysts for 2021/ 2022

    Yeah, maybe... Elon is the problem for TSLA. Elon doesn't posture or position himself or Tesla for profit. Elon says stuff that isn't conducive to a positive valuation. Elon wants to save the world and its people, and this is both a problem for profitability, but also a benefit for being...
  17. What would complete first...

    hahah... just something to lift the spirits in a time of uncertainty. Superminds, GO!!!
  18. What would complete first...

    Yes, I saw some 3D printers working on a home. So, why not the Cybertruck. I mean, it could happen! haha
  19. What would complete first...

    I was just playing around Ogre. Haha... something to release some stress, but who knows... someone might have a huge 3D printer - don't ask, and you'll never know. Let's sit back, laugh, and see. Have a great day! peace
  20. What would complete first...

    If someone had all the information, and began 3D Printing a Cybertruck today, who would finish first: The real Tesla Cybertruck, or the 3D Printed Cybertruck? Would it be close? Why or why not?