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    Cybertruck camper with spare tire carrier on tailgate

    I like the oversized design, it makes things much roomier and allows East / West sleeping. This company has a similar design...
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    10,000+ Miles Driving a Cybertruck – Things learned: range, great sound and full love/hate list after 10k miles

    Agree. The CT is Tesla's Model X 2.0, and the rollout has not been great up to this point. Instead of making a practical truck with good range and sufficient performance, they made an overdone "technology bandwagon" that goes from pseudo truck to a bastardized sport utility vehicle once you put...
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    Some measurements request

    I'm interested in these upper measurements as well. Not necessarily the angles though...
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    Jackery Solar Tent. Perfect for CT?

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    Truck Camper - Issues, Ideas, Solutions and Plans

    Keeping the capacity between 72 and 150 KW might be viable? Hopefully Tesla or someone else comes out with a solution that works...
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    Truck Camper - Issues, Ideas, Solutions and Plans

    I've been contemplating this for a while haha; so happy to make suggestions Good point about a tire carrier, that could free up a bunch of space...
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    Truck Camper - Issues, Ideas, Solutions and Plans

    Allpower's SP039 600W array is sizable, compact, and lightweight, but I honestly would recommend a dual-fuel (gas and propane) generator as the primary source for off-grid power. The Champion 201120 Generator seems to lead the pack for generators of this size, according to Consumer Reports. Dual...
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    Truck Camper - Issues, Ideas, Solutions and Plans

    IMO, Cyberlandr is overhyped, will underwhelm, will underperform, and will be overpriced. Its design is not versatile in the sense that you cannot have the beds set up and use the kitchen, sink, etc, at the same time. This would require partners to always be on the same schedule when it comes to...
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    Truck Camper For a Cybertruck

    I was considering a pop-up roof-only purchase from Hiatus or Four Wheel's M-Project due to either max width, hard walls, and/or max insulation, and then building out the lower structure from there. Building out an in-bed camper will be a design challenge due to the rail-to-roof upper bed panels...
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    Tesla's Crafty Move? - Carbon Credits, The Extender, GVWR, and Payload

    I honestly would like to see Tesla get called to the carpet for such alleged shenanigans. Then, they can certify CT as Class 3 and likely increase the pack size in the near future, as they should have from the get-go. I truly was expecting them to moderately blow other EV trucks out of the water...
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    Best Gas Generator for Cybertruck range extender??

    You'll need an inverter generator, definitely recommend dual fuel with total harmonic distortion (THD) <3% to keep your battery safe. Go with a reputable brand, and do your research beforehand. I wouldn't go the cheap route when you're trying to charge an exceeding expensive battery pack. Still...
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    Best Gas Generator for Cybertruck range extender??

    Staying at the local RV park is plan G for some people. Solutions like this make remote travel viable. I've hauled a trailer with kayaks up mountains and into river canyons with a Model 3 and was sweating bullets through the last half, unsure if I'd make it.
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    Best Gas Generator for Cybertruck range extender??

    I've considered this and see it as viable for remote camping and being able to get back to the nearest chargers. It may or may not be worth pairing with solar. Article on the subject I previously looked at these, unsure if...
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    Cybertruck engineers bend upper control arm in testing

    The upper is not bent, IMO, simply a different viewing angle causing it to appear that way. You would have to ask yourself, what would have impacted it to cause it to bend upward? Other components would have needed to fail before the upper control arm could have been pushed upwards by an outside...
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    🤳 Random Cybertruck sightings & spottings thread (pics + videos)

    This is the original Gigafactory in Nevada...100%. Awesome thread; BTW, thanks for putting it together.
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    Cybertruck VIN decoder! -- GVWR Vehicle Weight Revealed + **only** Dual and Tri Motor for 2024

    Solar, not for adding range, per se, but keeping phantom drain and cold weather loss at bay would be my hope. Either way, in 12 to 18 months, when my number is likely to be pulled, they'll likely/hopefully have enough line capacity to make "long-range" packs and keep to the 500-mile range hammer...