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  1. FrostyCT

    Big Scratches on SS at Delivery

    I think anyone paying the extra for Foundation series is nuts or has too much fee $$$ on hand. EXPECT issues like this and remember, YOU pay for the privilege of being first to have CT. I will g lady wait till all these issues worked out by the time I get mine.
  2. FrostyCT

    Early delivery of Foundation Series Cybertruck now available to long-term verified TSLA shareholder!

    Im pretty much in same boat as you. I was counting my stock gaining value but right now its below my average buy price.
  3. FrostyCT

    Cybertruck delivery event ticket lottery now open! [Deadline: 11/3/23]

    What?! Just go to Robinhood and use their app to buy a share or even partial share.
  4. FrostyCT

    Garage parking action! Cybertruck fits into standard townhouse garage in Sunnyvale (before & after photos)

    If they would start producing them then we could find out for ourselves. I beginning to think its all AI generated and there is no Cybertruck. s00n?..................................................................
  5. FrostyCT

    We are still seeing Release Candidates ..... public release won't be for months

    ... That means it will be months before there is a public release. Tesla still have to crash test the final production vehicle with NITSA, they usually release to employees before general public. If my guesses are correct, we will be lucky to see it on the streets in publics hands before 2024...
  6. FrostyCT

    Cybertruck water capabilities? River crossing?

    I haven't seen any testing involving taking the CT into water. Elon said it should be able to cross a river, correct?
  7. FrostyCT

    Welcome to Q4 2023! Will this be the quarter / month of the Cybertruck?

    Same as last month... Soon, same as month b 4 that.....Soon, and b 4 that.....soon. So, I am SURE the Cybertruck will be here....... SOON. One of these days we will all be correct, until then, see you ....soon.
  8. FrostyCT

    When to expect delivery when i'm 270,000 place in line.

    Many orders will not be fulfilled because some have given up, some have ordered ridiculous quantitys that they won't go thru with others won't want to pay price or cannot afford it anymore.
  9. FrostyCT

    Major mistake not including charge cables with all new vehicles!

    DONT SAY THAT Elon will hear it and really do it. They go too far sometimes.
  10. FrostyCT

    Tesla gets patent for LASER wipers.....

    Rain IS debris. 10 years ago you would have said "battery powered cars will never be practical" right? hmmm Just because YOU can't imagin it dosnt mean its not possible.
  11. FrostyCT

    Rivian’s electric truck features include air compressor and AC outlets

    Build ONE!!!!!! How many cars/trucks have they produced? NONE u say. hmmmm
  12. FrostyCT

    Who Plans on Towing? And What is Their Plan?

    I plan on towing my Mustang to the race track. 70 miles each way.
  13. FrostyCT

    Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I have to but, I cant argh...........
  14. FrostyCT

    Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I live in NY also and asked Tesla rep whenI test drove M Y that I could pick it up @ factory. Your a stick in the mud and no fun, You shouldn't be allowed to own a CT until u prove you can have fun.