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  1. Macgyverfever

    AWD vs TRI-MOTOR Longevity | Solid-State Battery Upgrade

    39 year old here (see *FYI below as to how my age is relevant). I have a two-part question: 1) If one chooses the AWD over tri-motor, which one will be expected to last the longest assuming a driver with a heavy foot and/or hauling a near-max heavy load? 2) If one wishes to upgrade their no...
  2. Macgyverfever

    What AWD and BEAST mode might mean for your place in line

    If we remember back to 2022 and/or earlier when there was quite a wait for the model 3 and Y, the wait times were drastically(months) different between long range(LR) and performance(P). If you had just put down a reservation for LR and wanted to speed up the delivery date, you could simply...
  3. Macgyverfever

    Final Guess of Drag Coefficient (CD) value of the CT (No 'Price Is Right' Welcomed LOL)

    Chatgpt estimates 296 miles of EPA range for a truck with a CD of 0.39 (initial) and a 123kwh battery pack weighing a total of 6670lb. Changing the CD to 0.30 (something Elon has stated would be hard) estimates the range to then be 353 miles. Also assuming a 175kwh battery pack (which was a...
  4. Macgyverfever


    For a long while, it was just a truck that can offer strangers taxi rides.. until I realized I can be dropped off and picked up with my own personal taxi...
  5. Macgyverfever

    Will you be trading/re-selling your current Tesla for the Cybertruck?

    For those of you who have a Tesla - assuming the re-sale value never recovers, will you be trading it up for the Cybertruck and take a hit or are you keeping both? Ballers are welcome to answer, but I'm more interested in those with more restricted budgets (asking for a friend).
  6. Macgyverfever

    Will Twitter be incorporated into the Cybertruck? [NOT YET LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS BUT GIVE IT TIME]

    Will Twitter be incorporated into CT/other Tesla vehicles via voice-to-message app (or otherwise for killing a few minutes charging)? Woops I forget.. I am from Kentucky, so if I may also add, 'ya reckon'?
  7. Macgyverfever

    500 mile Cybertruck is a must

    So I work with a guy near my cubicle who likes to rub it in your face that he's better than you because he drinks Chai Lattes, drives a Subaru, recycles, and listens to NPR. Recently, he bought a Macbook Pro 14". When I asked him if he liked it, he replied with his nose in the air "hmm, yea, hmm...
  8. Macgyverfever

    Fortune favors the patient

    Since I suck so bad at making threads, I thought I'd waste some more of your time with another :D: I was just thinking about this both in the shower and on the toilet the other day (and I'm VERY smart on the toilet) and I firmly believe (mind you I am an avid CT holder and believe in CT and...
  9. Macgyverfever

    Tesla employee undergoing Hot Form Stainless Steel Training

    Hello everyone, Not only is this my first post (and is probably useless information haha) but my brother who works as a Mechanical Engineer in the Automotive field is in online training currently for hot forming via Autoform (sheet metal engineering software), and there's a Tesla employee also...