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  1. CyberBC

    Dual Motor reservation holders, still a buyer at $79,900?

    I guess I am going to stay put with my Dodge 3500, "Betsy", for a while longer. May get a SR Lightning Pro for short hauls and running around. Sad day for me, but I understand Tesla taking advantage of all the demand, especially with the 7,500 US fed tax credit. Not going to cancel my 40k...
  2. CyberBC

    Delivery Event will start at 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST on Thursday

    Are news cycles still a marketing consideration? Afternoon details will give networks time to produce coverage for Friday morning. Maybe some review releases on Friday or Saturday like Topgear.
  3. CyberBC

    First Canadian Showroom Cybertruck - Vancouver

    OK. Now the debate is should I make a round trip 12 hour trip down to see it now, or should I wait until after the reveal when they should let me sit in it or maybe even test drive it.
  4. CyberBC

    4 wheel steering in action at Electrify Expo

    I roughly understand the physics of how this will be a large improvement in maneuverability. Can't wait to get my hands on one to feel it. Really want to get on some snow, ice or mud. I still often think about what an improvement the balanced weight of the Lightning was over front weighted...
  5. CyberBC

    Cybertruck NO RESALE Restriction (1 Year) Spotted in Purchase Agreement Language

    Agreed. It would seem to be that Tesla's direct to customer method is precisely why this issue comes up, as with ticket sellers. If Tesla had dealers they might not mind them scraping some cream off before reselling. If it was a reasonable amount. Seems to bode well for lower initial price...
  6. CyberBC


    If the rear window doesn't move, why would they not add a slide to it like every other truck I have had?
  7. CyberBC

    Share your “Plan B” if the CT is priced in the stratosphere

    1. Keep my Dodge Dually for towing and get a 3 or y for running around. 2. Deposit on Silverado EV. Are they going to make any? 3. Deposit on Lightning. Would use standard range for running around and Dodge Dually for towing. Standard range gets a Fed and Prov rebate in Canada. At this stage...
  8. CyberBC

    Fleet of Cybertrucks loading onto carriers at Giga Texas -- video from 8/26/23

    What do you suppose caused the black tire mark from the turning truck? He didn't seem to be doing a burn out.
  9. CyberBC

    New leaked video! Many Cybertrucks production completed w/ new wheel design + finished frunks!

    Everyone watch the video again. The gap under the open hood is amazing..007 will be able to target the pop up SMG while getting bullet protection from the raised hood. OK now I want a remote opening hood for protection from bullets and low flying geese or chickens?
  10. CyberBC

    New leaked video! Many Cybertrucks production completed w/ new wheel design + finished frunks!

    I have to say I am with Haulingass on this. Keep it simple and cheap and MASS produce it. Like the original VW bug.
  11. CyberBC

    So the Cybertruck fits in a garage (at under 19ft long)... But was the size reduction worth it for you?

    I am trying to replace my Dodge Dually and Chevy Volt with one vehicle. I think this Cybertruck will be about as close as I can get. I'm ok with a little swing towards the Volt to make it better for people with smaller garages.
  12. CyberBC

    Cybertruck pricing hinted by Musk's comment on "expensive" F-150 Lightning (even after today's $10K price cut)? 🤔

    Just a little reminder to everyone to please pray for ( or Ouiga board) a CAD price of 59,990 for the single motor and CAD 69,990 for dual for us to get our ZEV credit in Canada. You only need to sell one single motor at that price. USD conversion is Single USD 45K and Dual USD 52,600. Thanks...
  13. CyberBC

    Tesla: "First Cybertruck Built at Giga Texas! 🤠"

    Please everyone, don't start putting batteries in RVs that only get used 5-10 times a year. Hugely wasteful. Unless maybe if you park it next to your house and use it as a power wall replacement.
  14. CyberBC

    Tesla: "First Cybertruck Built at Giga Texas! 🤠"

    Big congrats to the Giga Texas crew! You are all awesome!
  15. CyberBC

    Tesla: "First Cybertruck Built at Giga Texas! 🤠"

    Obtaining enough battery materials is going to be a big problem. Best not to get more battery than you need. You'll also miss out on cool chats with other EV drivers at the charge stations.
  16. CyberBC

    I just got my CT pacifier to help me wait…..

    I got mine 2 years ago. Starting to get a little soggy!
  17. CyberBC

    Pre-Production Proto Bed and Bulkhead Features Analysis

    I use the sliding back window in my Dodge to haul 14-16 ft. lumber. I could haul even more with a full retractable window. Also, I am going to sleep in the box, in fetal position if I have to. I am hoping to sleep there at the ski hill on snow days and maybe in the bar parking lot if I drink too...