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  1. Jimbo Ringo

    $16.99 Fix For Fingerprint-Free Door Closing -- Stick On Door Handle

    Got them, love them, Thank You! 👍
  2. Jimbo Ringo

    Am I crazy? Walk away lock sound

    Activated and Working on my CT, 2024.14.3. Vault door closing sound (Same sounds as other Tesla models.) seems appropriate on CT. Doing a search in the Owners Manual answers a lot of questions.
  3. Jimbo Ringo

    "FSD is a few months away" for Cybertruck, says Elon Musk (5/9/24)

    Absolutely, just give us the “keep it in its lane” ability along with the existing cruise control.
  4. Jimbo Ringo

    Why do we say its okay to have all these issues by many?

    Well said! However, the ownership enjoyment from the man (and woman) on the street reactions and conversations makes it all worth it. Not visible is the fact that it drives like a dream with the drive-by-wire four wheel steering and the adjustable air suspension.
  5. Jimbo Ringo

    Why do we say its okay to have all these issues by many?

    We have a CT, serial number in the early one thousands. Only issue is an air leak in the drivers side window front that Tesla adjusted in one day. Sorry you have had frustrating issues. Our Model X had a bad electronic module that took two visits to fix. But it has been trouble free since...
  6. Jimbo Ringo

    Does anyone use the Tessie App?

    New to Tessie but I am impressed. So much Tesla does not offer.
  7. Jimbo Ringo

    Wind noise coming through drivers side window

    Yes, had the same problem. Service Center window adjustment was a partial fix. I used additional weather stripping behind the CT weatherstripping to push it firmly against the glass to eliminate the noise.
  8. Jimbo Ringo

    Back Seat Seatbelt Extenders for Cybertruck?

    Gold Plated, dosen't match my wallet!
  9. Jimbo Ringo

    Back Seat Seatbelt Extenders for Cybertruck?

    Has anyone found seat belt extenders for the Cybertruck back seat seatbelts that will work? Preferably available on Amazon?
  10. Jimbo Ringo

    Window Tint Recommendation - Central Florida

    Not the cheapest but the best quality material (Xpel, FL’s largest dealer) and installation. Been using Ryan for 15 years: [email protected] & Located in North Tampa At 13791 N. Nebraska Ave. Getting CT front windows and windshield (clear for UV blocking)...
  11. Jimbo Ringo

    Accelerator Pedal Cover Recall Detail

    Just pried on my accelerator pedal cover and find it to be extremely secure. Photo to prove I am an owner.
  12. Jimbo Ringo

    Video: Cybertruck Battery Pack Teardown by Sandy Munro Live

    If you go back a few years, Tesla experimented with different size batteries and determined the length to “jelly roll” diameter ratio of 46 to 80 was the optimum for maximum cylindrical battery operational efficiency. Other sizes will not be as efficient as the 4680. In this case bigger is not...
  13. Jimbo Ringo

    A Splash of Color! Tow hitch ring installed

    It would be embarrassing to find someone that needs a pull and not have the equipment to provide it!
  14. Jimbo Ringo

    Tracking inbound truck

    Tesla knows where your CT is at all times. Someone at a Tesla Sales Center may be willing to look it up on his laptop for you. This person cannot forecast times and movements.
  15. Jimbo Ringo

    Motor Trend review of the Cybertruck

    Of course not! Their “Man of the Year” is the Labor Union Leader! I own and drive a CT and I can assure you it is a fabulous vehicle. Backed up by hundreds of “Thumbs Up” on the road based only on appearance. The four wheel by wire steering is amazing! About the same turning radius as the...