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  1. fishtek

    Ability to enter a referral for CT order?

    Has anyone had any luck adding a referral code to their CT order? I didn't see a place to add it 4 years ago during the reveal (and I was clicking pretty fast, so maybe I missed it). But I also didn't see one when I made my $1k foundation series order a few weeks ago. I tried getting a hold of...
  2. fishtek

    Powershare V2V / V2H / V2L / V2X is a feature! This may be one of the cooler features!
  3. fishtek

    Any chance of a bed camera like Rivian and some other trucks have?

    Just curious if anyone has seen any evidence for or against a bed camera like Rivian and some of the other trucks out there have? For example Rivian must have just enabled flipping the bed camera on while driving (maybe it used to only be when backing?).