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  1. CyberCRASH!! "OO7" Involved in CyberWreck!! DashCam to the Witness Stand!!

    I received a check for $5800 in addition to repairs for diminished value of my 2015 model s 70D. This was about 5 years ago. Filing a claim for diminished value is a must do. It went to arbitration since insurance company wasn’t cooperating
  2. Mirror Chrome Wrap Cybertruck! 🤩 😎

    Fuck other motorist that’s what sunglasses are for. :)
  3. 90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    Without going back and looking at your original post, didn’t you state that you, your brother and friends all reserved a ct about the same time. Or maybe that was someone else. If it was you I was assuming that you were an owner and the others were not.
  4. 90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    Lolol the flying fitch. I might have that added to the CT
  5. 90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    I think the bottom line here is pricing. At $50k people were looking at ~$1000/month. Now it’s ~$2000 people are paying more per month for every single impute in their life. I simply think a lot of people are crying themselves to sleep Because they have to be fiscally responsible. nothing to...
  6. 90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    maybe some preference as given to existing Tesla owners?
  7. RN1130’s Order Confirmed: Here we go, folks!

    I have confirmation and configured foundation for my order 112818 but no notification on order 112927. I staggered the orders to get a dual motor first then flip that to my son for graduation and hopefully time it just right to get the tri motor. Well my son graduated May last year so timing...
  8. Delivery pickup - Things I know now, that you should too.

    This was a big help thanks! I configured 01/04. I guess I should take the proforma cost Tesla sent and get with the bank.
  9. Whelp, it happened. VIN unmatched from account

    Wow she tossed her bra wow she took her clothes off and tossed them outside of the bedroom door onto the floor at your feet. You smiles walked in the room and she was dressed for church.
  10. Foundation!

    My other order is 36,000 slots after this first. Hopefully I can get out of the AWD for close to what I paid a year after ownership and transition to the beast.
  11. Foundation!

    Thanks Scott! Somehow I thought I was in line somewhere around 73,000
  12. Break down / value of what you get for the Foundation Series' premium price

    Not even a light bar! :(. I thought I was getting FSD but it is just FSD ready.
  13. Foundation!

    Awd but I saw both when reviewing order. I’m not sure if I could have selected beast. If I missed out on beast mode because I didn’t take my time, I will be very upset. Obviously happy with AWD but after a year I think beast will have the most retained value
  14. Will the Jan-March 2024 delivery window be honored?

    Well after reading these post I can say with a high degree of certainty that no one in this group handled the pric teas very well
  15. Foundation!

    Is 11281 a good number or did I get lucky?