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  1. Jimbo Ringo

    Back Seat Seatbelt Extenders for Cybertruck?

    Has anyone found seat belt extenders for the Cybertruck back seat seatbelts that will work? Preferably available on Amazon?
  2. Jimbo Ringo

    A Splash of Color! Tow hitch ring installed

    It would be embarrassing to find someone that needs a pull and not have the equipment to provide it!
  3. Jimbo Ringo

    ID Verification for Foundation Cybertruck

    In the Cybertruck Foundation order process you supply a photo of both sides of your Drivers License. Then the Tesla App takes your photo and compares it to the photo on the Drivers License to verify you are who you say you are. As posted elsewhere Tesla is saying 1st Quarter delivery, in this...
  4. Jimbo Ringo

    CT & Bot visit Tampa