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  1. Celiboy

    Towing Report 3/29/24

    I’ve wanted to do a towing report since I got my truck. My first time towing my bass boat was two days after taking delivery and didn’t have the mental energy to capture what I wanted with what I had going on that day. Two days after taking delivery, I was headed to a local lake approximately...
  2. Celiboy

    Issue with Linked Driver Profiles to Keys

    Has anyone had any issues with CT not recognizing their linked phone as a key and automatically choosing the correct driver profile? We officially set my wife’s profile up today and made sure her iPhone was set as her key just like mine. The CT should automatically select the correct driver...
  3. Celiboy

    Have you been told your truck is still in Texas?

    I’m beginning to lose my patience. I was issued my VIN on February 15th. I was told by my service center today that the truck is still in Texas but they have no idea what’s going on. Has anyone else waiting for delivery been told this? I have no idea what could be going on that would prevent...
  4. Celiboy

    Just got my VIN!!! For order placed 12/21

    Been posting and responding here for awhile while trying to be patient. An owner recently posted he took delivery at my local service center. I figured I’d go by and ask a few questions and if I’m lucky, catch a glimpse of the truck waiting to be delivered. It was parked on the back looking...
  5. Celiboy

    For those of you who have placed your order: what time did your invite arrive?

    I have a question for those of you who have received your email and ordered your trucks. What time of the day did it arrive? There were many who posted on the evening ofDecember 8th but when did the invitation hit your inbox? I’m curious if they’re sent out in bunches at a particular time of day...