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  1. SolarWizard

    a very cool video from Moab

    I know only a few handfuls of members here have done any serious wheeling before and may soon want to try it at least once to say they have. This week is like Christmas for those of us who love Moab, particularly in the Jeep community. some dear friends of mine in the true offroad aftermarket...
  2. SolarWizard

    Cybertruck in low speed collision accident. Significant damage

    these were posted elsewhere. reportedly low single digits bump with what looks like a honda hrv small crossover. Windshield looks broken
  3. SolarWizard

    CT stuck on snowy driveway

    Haven’t seen this here before
  4. SolarWizard

    The safety level of modern half ton trucks

    is on full display here Ive run Hurrah pass in Moab 3-4 times. Thats at least 130 ft down and maybe up to 200’ depending on which section this is. The fact that the driver and the dog survived the fall is about as close to a miracle as a vehicle incident can be. amazing work recovering the...
  5. SolarWizard

    123 kWh battery pack on Cybertruck (reported)

    as reported here 11:17 timestamp related information 11:50 quote
  6. SolarWizard

    Vote on the Official term for a group of Cybertrucks

    I tossed up some of my favorite group names from Kingdom Animalia but I bet some of my favorite dorks around here might have some better suggestions. Throw em out. (This poll will actually result in something)
  7. SolarWizard

    I'll pay to be your +1 to the Cybertruck delivery release party event

    If any of you fine ladies or gents in here lands an invite to the festivities, I will pay $2500 to be your plus one and take you to dinner the night before anywhere you wanna go in austin. If they can be transferred and you wanna sell em, $6k for the pair. This is a serious offer and there are...
  8. SolarWizard

    Email I received from Fisker this morning was a good reminder...

    … of just how difficult building cars is. Thats why I generally dislike people hating on XYZ brand that does it. This also gives me an opportunity to imagine what cars will be like 10-20 years with the pace of innovation accelerating hope yall are having a great weekend. CT in T minus 90 days...
  9. SolarWizard

    the dearth of cybertruck sightings

    anyone else curious why there have been so few caught in the wild?. the clickdriven drone bros are all over the mothership so where they be? if they are actually gonna be delivered in a couple months, I thought surely they would be seen all over the roads by now yet we’ve had what, 10 videos...
  10. SolarWizard

    Are we going to see Cybertruck testing off road with aftermarket parts?

    are we gonna see this at all before release? Rivian had dozens of hours of off-road testing published long before deliveries plus people saw them repeatedly testing in sand hollow, Moab and johnson valley
  11. SolarWizard

    Cybertrucks in Moab run for Fall 2024 -- who's interested?

    If I organize a run for fall 2024 who would want to attend? I’ve led lots of Jeep runs there and helped in who knows how many recoveries previously. I could also bring in a solar trailer with L2 charging if another area (like johnson valley, Ocotillo Wells or summertime in colorado where we...
  12. SolarWizard

    2 door CT with removable doors built to compete with Jeeps & Broncos

    Is this something Tesla should build ? concept Jeep being unveiled at EJS sparked the idea in my head
  13. SolarWizard

    Tesla semi broken down

    Found this on the line
  14. SolarWizard

    Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    Edit - the white wrap in front of the frame appears to be same as these wrapped frames posted in October Thread:🤳.5660/
  15. SolarWizard

    First gen cybertruck vs Second gen

    Is there a silver lining for those that wont see their truck produced for 3-4 years after delivery actually starts (so 2027-2028)? surely there will be battery improvements but what about the motors? Cameras? X factor item? since the entire truck is still just speculative at this point I...
  16. SolarWizard

    Cybertruck max AC charge rate

    anyone got any good info in the max onboard charger input? We are currently testing a 25kW AC plug on a 100A circuit from (a manufacturer I can’t publicly name yet.) any chance the CT will be able to accept this? I don’t have a list of vehicles that can currently handle this but I know there...