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  1. Albern

    Cybertruck XL - who would want one?

    I'd be interested but I only need the 6.5' bed that was originally planned. I'd love to have a Class 3 quad motor Cybertruck with the 6th seat.
  2. Albern

    Cybertruck towed!

    I think it was being towed because there was a ticket underneath the BAW.
  3. Albern

    Interesting conversation with Tesla Tech today regarding Bullet Proof Glass option

    Aren't there legal requirements and restrictions in place the moment you try to up-armor a vehicle? If Cybertruck were to be a good baseline for up-armoring, framed doors (as opposed to frameless) would have been better I think.
  4. Albern

    2024 Cybertruck Official Specs Leaked?! 😱 - Udated With Compare/Analysis

    In that scenario, it would make the F-150 a bit more appealing but it's a lot of the small and seemingly inconsequential things about CT that make me second-guess it at times. Where Tesla excels is in their end-to-end engineering, design (not styling), and packaging. When Elon says that CT...
  5. Albern

    2024 Cybertruck Official Specs Leaked?! 😱 - Udated With Compare/Analysis

    This is my concern with Cybertruck and me personally wanting it to be feature-rich right from the start. I'm the type that buys the most expensive variant of a vehicle with all the options and I keep it long-term. Does this mean that I'll have to wait 4 to 8 years to finally get the Cybertruck...
  6. Albern

    Cybertruck is in NYC @ Lincoln Center - 11/10/23

    I doubt it. The sills on the CT from CyberRodeo (the best version) were even larger.
  7. Albern

    Cybertruck 11/8/23 specs and others including Silverado EV RST (future)

    Thanks for this!! Silverado EV is my second choice after Cybertruck. Let's see what happens!!
  8. Albern

    Cybertruck offroad tested on mud trails

    When Elon said that he expects Cybertruck to do well at Baja, I interpreted that to mean it can cover the type of terrain on the peninsula very well. I don't expect CT to be a hardcore rock crawler or mudder (which is obvious if you're familiar with off-roading). Based on what we know so far, I...
  9. Albern

    Top Gear Cybertruck review shoot! + Frunk size and opening action! 🎬

    Are you being sarcastic? TG has historically been very negative to Tesla. They're even worse now with their tight pant-fitting, snarky presenters.
  10. Albern

    Extreme closeups of Cybertruck prototype (with edge on shots of many body panels) -- video + photos

    Yeah I noticed that too. I wish all Teslas went to a floor-mounted throttle - it just feels more natural.
  11. Albern

    6 Cybertrucks are in Giga Texas outbound lot for transport today 10/2/23

    It's neat that the aero-caps are now more in-line with the wheels as opposed to protruding out (like on the prototype). Looks like this will solve concerns about over exposure to objects and curbs. Also, another wheel design?
  12. Albern

    Windshield Wiper (BAW) extreme closeup

    It looks like one long wiper blade as opposed to two in this video. Anyone disagree?
  13. Albern

    new speedometer cluster?

    Hear me out Tesla. I'll shut up about the driver's display, just give us this. :LOL:
  14. Albern

    Control buttons for vault bed - closeup pics 🔍

    Yes I remember that and it wasn't horrible. The point is that the motor technology has evolved and we are now beyond having to open and close the gate manually. There is significant utility when having a gate that can be opened and closed remotely, hands-free. Plus, people have complained about...
  15. Albern

    Control buttons for vault bed - closeup pics 🔍

    The icon for the tailgate is concerning because it reads that you can only push the button to deploy the gate, but cannot retract it (similar to Rivian). Hope it is for both open, close, and is motorized.
  16. Albern

    Rear Seat View Thread -- Discuss 💬

    Quick correction - CyberRodeo was in 2022, not 2021; so it's been just over a year. I've edited my statement as well.