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  1. Order Book Open on Silverado EV

    Got the email inviting me to order... delivery by June Comes with Free Charger 10k towing 400 mile range 5' 11" bed Super Cruise 4 wheel steering 350kw max charging 0-60 4.5 sec We shall see...
  2. Half Range Extender...?

    It looks like the current range extender that adds 130 miles (target 160 miles) to the dual will chew up about 2 feet of bed space. For my money, a 65 mile extender (80 mile target) that only consumes 1 foot would be the sweet spot that cause me to grab it. Anyone else up for a half range extender?
  3. Foundation Series: FSD Capability = FSD Included?

    Deserves its own thread. The Foundation Series says specifically "FSD Capability" In its list of included features. So... does that mean that it includes FSD (future OTA) or that it is only FSD "capable" like all Teslas allegedly are and you will still have to pay for FSD in the future? Here...
  4. Range Extender = Super Cheap Powerwall?

    The range extender = 130 extra miles / 340 or ~38% of the CT battery Capacity (probably closer to 40% given the weight penalty). If the CT has a 125KWH battery pack that means the extender = 48 - 50 kwh. When operating as a V2H backup power supply that is 4.5 powerwalls or $38k worth of power...
  5. Max Charging Speed Really 350 kw

    Will take full 350 kw on v4 superchargers. 18-20 minutes to run from 15% - 85% (add 225 - 240 miles). So saith Lars Moravy (VP Vehicle engineering) and confirmed by that guy named Franz. I am so happy. LOL
  6. Poll: What aspect of CT Are you Unhappy With

    I think this should be a good way to gauge the aspects of the CT that people are happy with / unhappy with. (lmk if I missed something important)
  7. Charging 250kw

    This is a pretty big letdown
  8. Does Shatter Resistant Windshield = Chip / Crack Resistant?

    The main question I have about the Tesla armor windows is how chip and crack resistant the windshield will be. That thing is going to cost an arm and a leg to replace and it will be extremely prone to rocks and road debris (just due to its size). I want to see a demo where they shoot gravel at...
  9. Poll: Does the No-Resale Policy Affect Your Purchase Intention?

    Seems like this needs a poll... assuming the no resale / buyback provisions are real, do you like it, hate it, does it change your intent to purchase?
  10. Pickup Evolution Poster

    Original poster from
  11. Hyundai To Use NACS Connector Starting In 2024

    And it is over. Good news all around
  12. Another Acceleration Video

    Have we seen this one already? It is too much fun and the little kid is priceless.
  13. Latest Cybertruck Delivery Rumors (as of 8/23/23)

    ... from Spotted_Model on fka Twitter I've gotten lots of flack for the "MINDBLOWING" post I made earlier today with lots of people challenging me or saying I'm just engagement farming. In truth, although those who follow me know I sometimes post funny, sarcastic satirical humor (making fun of...
  14. WSJ Cybertruck Video

    IMO a good well-balanced overview for a generalist audience. A few errors (e.g. "bullet proof windows") but otherwise worth a watch.
  15. CyberTruck Fleet Announcement (Speculative)

    Totally speculative but ... any guesses on whether Tesla will announce CT fleet launch customers (like they did with Semi)? If CT is going to get quick street cred, it would make sense to have a few big fleets like Centerpoint Energy / PG&E and perhaps a Penske or Barco plus as part of the...
  16. Bloomberg: New Model 3 Thursday in China

    Interesting news out of Bloomberg this afternoon: "Tesla Inc. plans to give an early glimpse of its revamped Model 3 sedan as part of Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk’s first visit to the carmaker’s Shanghai factory in years, according to people familiar with the matter. The first cars coming...
  17. Silverado 450 Miles of Range

    Gauntlet has been thrown. This is the work truck model no less! Cybertruck needs 500 miles.
  18. It is going to be hard to make it affordable

    Time stamped discussion of CT. Not sounding optimistic on the pricing.
  19. Will You Wrap Your Cybertruck?

    Feels like launch day is getting close enough to ask this question! To Wrap or Not to Wrap?
  20. No Resale Agreement?

    There is a high probability that many CT buyers in the first 18 months will be profiteers buying to flip the vehicle. Many Rivian buyers continuing to do that. It is also common with other high popularity vehicles. (In brands like Ford and GM that use the franchise stealership model, the local...