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  1. Used EV truck prices are dropping so fast!

    Rivian R1Ts are used on Carvana in the 60s now. They have the lower range F150s for around 43k. Even the Lucid Airs are down in the 60s now. And the various Kias and Hyundai cars are damn near gas car prices now. When I started browsing back in December they were much higher. I wonder where...
  2. For the love of God, leave me be!

    Anybody else tired of the attention yet? It’s pretty crazy still here. I had to start staying in the truck until the coast is clear to make a run for it. A guy chased me on foot while I was driving and was mad I didn’t stop lol
  3. Haunted? After tinting windows the drivers door opens on its own!

    Today I got the drivers window and passenger window tinted. Went and picked up the truck and drove home. Went inside and the alarm started going off. I went out and the door was slightly open and the window dropped like it does when you open it. So I thought ok I must not have closed it good...
  4. Am I crazy? Walk away lock sound

    Walk away lock sound. It’s in the manual but not in the menu that the manual points to. Maybe it’s a newer software revision I don’t have?
  5. Just drove the Silverado EV (Hertz rental)

    I flew into LAX and had a car reserved with Hertz. I wanted a Model Y or 3 but they were out. The next option was an EV6 or similar. I got to the spot and it was a Silverado EV with only 9 driven on it so far. It drives great like you would expect from an EV and had 1 pedal driving so I was...