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  1. kev12345

    Silverado EV tows over 230 miles!

  2. kev12345

    100 year 4 million mile battery "The NMC 532 chemistry Dahn has been testing promises another leap forward in battery technology. However, cars don’t need to last 100 years, and they don’t need to...
  3. kev12345

    TFL Lightning towing range test (<100 miles)

    not surprising yet still disappointing range pulling a travel trailer.
  4. kev12345

    Lightning Dealer Markups

    As expected, lightning dealers are asking $10k-$30k dealer markups to complete your purchase. Ford doesn't seem to be too concerned with this practice. F-150 Lightning Dealers Already Requiring ADM Price Markup to “Prioritize” Order
  5. kev12345

    EV truck reservation poll

    which EV trucks do you have reserved? If they were all available at the same time, which one would you choose and why? leaving hummer and the other oddballs out of it.
  6. kev12345

    Are the specs achievable?

    Are the cybertruck specs really achievable for the price listed? if so, why have the other manufacturers not built anything like it? Ram TRX is pretty badass but still doesn't compare and it will be EXPENSIVE. How does Tesla get 3500lbs payload and 16" of ground clearance with air suspension...
  7. kev12345

    F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    Talk about disappointing. 23mpg. No plug for EV only driving. The only interesting thing about the new F150’s is the onboard power outlets capable of 7kw. and the hideaway gear shifter is hilarious. Just put it back on the column!
  8. kev12345

    No side mirror = no tow mirror

    Tow mirrors are essential for towing large trailers. How will they solve this with no side mirrors? Will the camera extend out the side to get the wide view of a tow mirror?
  9. kev12345

    Bed liner needed on Cybertruck?

    does a 30x stainless steel bed not require a bed liner like normal trucks? It’s a must on a traditional truck bed as they start rusting as soon as they get scratched.