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  1. greggertruck

    ⚡️ PowerShare Install, Specs, Details confirmed! No load shifting (for now)

    I also have a screenshot where it’s not entirely clear at all, but it’s no wall connector if you don’t get power share. In fact, it implies that you do indeed get both regardless of powershare
  2. greggertruck

    Sadly the FUD is winning.

    Had a lady tonight at Texas Roadhouse, IN A FORD…. Told her about her recall and “she knows” She seemed really irritated when I rebutted it. Go figure.
  3. greggertruck

    2024.14.3 off-road update

    You can turn off the rear steer all together in overland mode
  4. greggertruck

    Confession: Stole @Greggertruck's Name!

    So good to hear a fellow previous truck owner loving it! Matte black ppf, i don't recall the brand! Dynamic Tint in Tempe, AZ did it!
  5. greggertruck

    Confession: Stole @Greggertruck's Name!

    Buddy, you can HAVE the name! I'm all about sharing 🍻 I also nicknamed my truck King Kong with the black wrap! I hope you are really enjoying the Cybertruck, man. What did you drive before?
  6. greggertruck

    Kid dropped iPad down tonneau cover slit.

    Wild!! but… Should be as easy as six bolts to take out the bed floor. Grab the iPad and put the bed floor back in place 10 minutes tops
  7. greggertruck

    Add Kanye West To The Pile Of Celebrities

    Kanye West has received his Cyberbeast!
  8. greggertruck

    ELECFRESH | Bed Mat & Frunk Mat & Under-Bed Storage Mat

    What is the material here? Might be interested in doing your Amazon shoot
  9. greggertruck

    New Mexico Deliveries Are Underway! My Cybertruck Delivered Today 4/9/24

    first of all congrats, sick ride. Also, please take a pic in front of Walter Whites house! ;)
  10. greggertruck

    Towed a 10,400 pound generator today!

    Been trying to see if you got an estimate yet for the repair on that incident?
  11. greggertruck

    Towed a 10,400 pound generator today!

    So basically 120 miles a day is very likely “enough”
  12. greggertruck

    Towed a 10,400 pound generator today!

    That's my point here that will be overlooked by others too. 80% of the work is probably inside a 20 mile radius. Time is literally money. Multiple stops today? Fine... There's a Panda Express next to the supercharger for your lunch break. 🤝 They'll work when you decide to try them. (I hope...