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  1. Cybertruck 3mm body: hail resistant?

    I live in Texas where golf ball sized hail isn't that unusual, baseball is rare.. and softball happens... we have had bigger but once it gets beyond softball who cares.. so don't EVEN think you can touch what MY imagination can conceive!!
  2. This is why GM needs ads and Tesla doesn't...

    IMHO the reason major car manufacturers need animadverting and electric do not.. is completely different. ICE cars are in a product saturated market; If every ice car factory produced at 100% capability more cars would NOT be sold; instead they would simply build up inventory. there is the...
  3. Short driver 5' 2" -- issue reaching pedals?

    assuming it is the standard Tesla seat.. it can be adjusted up and down quite a bit.. so i would say probably but no one will no till one hits the show room floor and a shorty sits in one!
  4. Video: Cybertruck in low suspension mode @ light next to Highlander and followed by Model Y

    and those numbers will continue in that pattern as a higher percentage of our population lives in bigger cities that can support public transportation. this is a base problem the US has had forever... our largest population centers host the smallest percentage of our land... so rules made for...
  5. Can I pickup my Cybertruck at Giga Texas (factory delivery)?

    mine was built in austin.. it is easy to tell just check the vin.. one of the digits tells ya where it was made.. and i live in fort worth and picked it up in fort worth in june.... the ONLY thing odd is.. you can't pay at the service center/showroom as they aren't dealers... and you get a...
  6. Cybertruck Range Prediction + Cell Calculation + More [Sources]

    hmm i was under the impression 4680 was a specification for size and voltage.. not for what delivered... so inside can be anything at all as long as it delivers the specified voltage and it has the right end caps and size.. it is a 4680.. am i wrong??? cause if so saying how much stored energy...
  7. 📣 News! Cybertruck deliveries on track for this year, sub-19 ft length + 6 ft bed length ++ lots of pics from deck!

    no one has any kind of delivery date at all.. they haven't started announcing what models they are going to have AT delivery so no one can possibly know when their number will come up
  8. Can I pickup my Cybertruck at Giga Texas (factory delivery)?

    I live in fort worth..ordered a Model Y in early june.. picked it up at the fort worth tesla Service Center.. it had about 20 miles on it from factory testing. so not sure on the law.. but yep tesla delivers in Texas to texans.. you just have to order online
  9. Article: Ford Tried To Be Tesla, And It Cost The Company Billions

    That article is hilarious... does that person even understand stocks, or how many lightnings the company sells? 1> falling stock prices cost the company NOTHING unless it is selling stocks to raise funds.. which is not something most mature companies do... it cost the stock HOLDERS 2> ford...
  10. Cybertruck Front Seats Sneak Peek Video From Tesla's Testing Process 🍑

    so assuming the seats are ventilated.. does that mean a left cheek sneak will smell up the entire car REALLY fast? <------ducks
  11. Cybertruck specs and pricing announcement when?

    Wait i have been out of it for a day or two.. did Tesla or anyone associated with tesla say the 500 mile range is NOT being released out of the gate or is that just more "assumptions" by well meaning folks?
  12. Carpool to Texas?

    you may wanna check that.. i picked my model y up at the local tesla service center in fort worth a month ago...
  13. Cybertruck pricing hinted by Musk's comment on "expensive" F-150 Lightning (even after today's $10K price cut)? 🤔

    if the object of the lightning project is to gather enough data on electric car performance and construction so that the NEXT class is a profitable model.. he has to adjust the price till he has a large enough volume in the wild to get data from.
  14. First Cybertruck Produced at Giga Texas Exits Into The Wild Unknown

    on the model Y go into settings .. then locks.. pick the iphone that is the key for you and select your driver profile for it. it is a REALLY good idea while at it to set the card keys and any fobs you have bought to the guest account while at it.
  15. Cybertruck specs and pricing announcement when?

    i don't think hummers use structural battery packs.. the more batteries on a tesla the LESS likely it is to tilt.
  16. Article - With the Cybertruck, Tesla Faces Its Edsel Moment

    you have to start the next section that starts out... It won’t be. Not by a long shot. Edsels never really found a market niche. so yeah they are positive.. after explaining how big a flop edsel was and why.. they say that won't happen to the CT.. they don't even hedge it and say not expected...
  17. New Naked Cybertruck BIW Pics + Analysis!

    a statement i had never remembered before .. sure it was there i just missed it... on the cybertruck page when talking about the vault, it says "space for your toolbox, Tire, and cyberquad" this implies, to me at least, that there is no set spare tire storage area.
  18. Price for CyberTruck ESTIMATE released by Farzad Mesbahi July 3rd, 2023

    can you find a quote on him saying it won't be affordable please... I believe the words used were making it affordable is HARD.. not that it wouldn't be done.
  19. 350 mile range Quad Motor rumored to be 1st trim launched

    so Rivian is a Brand new car maker.. with troubling financial issues and low production volume that needs to prove to investors that it can scale it's production line up and make money. Tesla is one of the best electric car companies in the world with the best selling model in the world and...