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  1. ColonelZ

    Service Bulletin: Cybertruck Rear Subframe to Body Torque Inspection

    I mean I feel similarly. I didn't notice it for the first few weeks, and most of the time I don't notice it because I've gotten used to it. I have a model X and it also creaks. I kind of assume its what happens when you don't have engine noise. But I dunno - maybe not!
  2. ColonelZ

    What’s y’all’s response to HOW MUCH DID THAT COST

    Yes I’ve been getting asked this a lot. If it’s kids I say “more than $20 less than $1M”, if it’s grownups I say “about $80K”.
  3. ColonelZ

    Powershare stopped connecting to Tesla App

    We have PowerShare installed and it just looks like this in the app:
  4. ColonelZ

    11% Improved Efficiency Since Update. Anyone Else?

    This would be great if true. I love the idea that the truck can get more efficient with software updates over time. My biggest concern about the CT is limited range especially when towing.
  5. ColonelZ

    PowerShare installed yesterday

    The software isn’t supported yet but I got my PowerShare gateway installed yesterday. Now I just need to figure out how to merge my two “homes” in my Tesla app (I have old Tesla solar panels). #AMA
  6. ColonelZ

    Bug-Mageddon! Need some quick bugs washing advice.

    I've had luck with first water blasting them with a hose as best you can, then taking a car washing glove and using Liquid X car shampoo to just wipe them off. Rinse with the hose then dry with a microfiber towel.
  7. ColonelZ

    Let's talk about phantom drain

    For me its always sentry mode. Can drain like 15% over the course of a few days parked in a garage.
  8. ColonelZ

    Shareholders, would you vote to reinstate Elon's pay package

    Elon is hurting sales for both Twitter and Tesla. There is an abundance of evidence that his judgement has harmed his business performance. OP probably thought you'd seen some of this: 1/...
  9. ColonelZ

    Shareholders, would you vote to reinstate Elon's pay package

    Tesla has huge potential, and he deserves credit for what he created. I think Elon's behavior and his concerning increase in magical thinking (sharing and believing in conspiracy theories) is actually holding the company back. Elon has a history of trashing companies and has been fired as CEO...
  10. ColonelZ

    For the love of God, leave me be!

    It is a lot. Sometimes I mind sometimes I don’t. Most attention has been positive. Surprising number of people who don’t know what it is!
  11. ColonelZ

    Shattered snow camouflage Cybertruck wrap

    I just dropped mine off for a wrap, although a clear one and they said it would be done by the end of this week so it looks like about four maybe five days
  12. ColonelZ

    How to report small UI bugs?

    Scroll wheel reset doesn’t address some of the UI issues like modals not being closeable or modals blocking other UI elements.
  13. ColonelZ

    How to report small UI bugs?

    I’m 1100 miles into my Cybertruck and I’m still very much in love. We’ve gone up to the mountains multiple times, been through heavy rain and snow, and everything is just fantastic. However, I will occasionally come across a small bug in the UI, like a window you can’t close, or small...
  14. ColonelZ

    Window Tint Experiences & Suggestions?

    do you suppose there would be any issue with the tiny and the front camera for fsd?
  15. ColonelZ

    Software Update disappeared?

    Yup same here. Said there was an update, I scheduled it for overnight, overnight came and there was no update.
  16. ColonelZ

    CT Dead @ 1k

    Uggg that’s a bummer. I’m about to hit 1K on mine and so far no issues (except for a creaking sound coming from back drivers side but I’m not sure if it’s always been there or not) - fingers crossed.
  17. ColonelZ

    Funny comments/questions about the Cybertruck

    My favorite so far; “What is that?” Or “who makes that?” like…. how do you not know?
  18. ColonelZ

    What is everyone’s height?

    I’m 6’6” and fit perfectly even with kids in booster seats behind me.