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  1. Rivian shouldn't even be in the picture. Cybertruck or Lightning are the only contenders

    For me, the battle is between CT and F Lightnig. Rivian is not even in the picture. The reason why Rivian is not in the picture is because I'm looking for a rugged vehicle that can be abused body wise. If you get a dent on Rivian's bed panel that warrants a replacement, youre out $20K. So all...
  2. Auto Loan Interest Rates - Share What You’ve Found 🏦

    What is the easiset organization to join be be eligible for USSFCU?
  3. Performance/responsiveness of the dashcam/sentry video player

    I have not seen anyone post a video of the performance of the video player to view sentry/dashcam videos. In my 2021 MY, the player is very sluggish to the point where when I see sentry mode events, I dont even try to watch them. I even have the recommended Samsung SSD. How is it on the...
  4. New PowerShare emails: Cybertruck Foundation Series owners get 1 year supercharging credit if they're not eligible for install

    My issue with the powershare denial is that the email stated " are not eligible for installation as additional approvals are needed for your property.". To me, this means that they are denying me only because approvals are needed and not that my place is not compatible. That doesn't seem fair.
  5. Powershare Home Backup Denial

    I got the survey the same day I placed the order (12/28/2023 RN11277)
  6. Powershare Home Backup Denial

    This pisses me off. Not eligible because "additional approvals" are needed. Well lets get these approvals. I will be happy to help get approvals. I was able to get a charger installed for my Model Y in the same location. I have used the supercharger maybe 3 times over the past two years so I...
  7. Powershare Home Backup Denial

    Got denied for Powershare Home Backup. I forgot what the questions were but i live in a condo where the garage is attached and it would be less than 60 feet to the panel. This is BS. Edit 1: If they don't want to pay for installation. I wonder if they can send me the hardware.