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  1. Silverado EV Predictions

    The Ford Lightning with a Chevy badge. Unless otherwise stated, I doubt it has 4w steering.
  2. What's my $100 worth now?

    Tesla only stated that FSD price would be locked in. The buyer's agreement even stated that Tesla has the right to change the price.
  3. Paint-cost Question

    White and Red are multi-coats so they cost more. White is free probably because there are less errors in the paint shop and more people would want it then black but that's just my speculation.
  4. CyberQuad Tough? Fast? XXXX?

    I meant more for dirt and less for trailing and mudding. We have issues already with the trails that are already difficult with beefy 4x4 quads. My point was this isn't really a heavy offroader, it's more for light offroading and the streets.
  5. Cybertruck Frunk

    The Atlis XT has advertised this (perhaps a better version) years before the lightning was announced, if it's ever going to release is another thing...
  6. I dont think the CT will kick ass in baja (with a yoke)?

    I haven't really seen a video of people struggling with the yoke a week or two after they've gotten their S so I can't say I would hate it. Off-roading would be the least of my concerns with a yoke anyways, it's more city driving and people seem to be getting a hang of that quite well.
  7. CyberQuad Tough? Fast? XXXX?

    Based on how it looks it will be a lot less capable than most quads out there sadly. It's going to be fast but won't be good for 4x4 if it even has that capability. It's more sporty than offroad. Won't be good for trailing but good for motorcross.
  8. What kind of optional features will the Cybertruck have.

    Well the quad will only be offered with the CT at first and we don't know anything about the trailer.
  9. What kind of optional features will the Cybertruck have.

    There would be no reason to add different trims just offer optional tires like they already do. But for other possible options there is the CT Quad, a trailer which hasn't been confirmed yet and the camping option which has been confirmed.
  10. 12V battery

    The CT might not have a 12v battery. Tesla is (or was) hoping to introduce their flex circuit to the Model Y in Berlin. This circuit brings down around 90% of the wiring and has no need for a 12v system.
  11. Anyone selling what your CT will replace?

    Funny enough I'm about to buy a Jeep until I can buy the CT
  12. Building contractor & Ford Pickup owner says Cybertruck should be better work truck than Lightning

    Haven't watched the video but as a construction worker I 100% agree that, in general, the CT will be a better work truck for all the reasons you posted and more.
  13. What would prevent your purchase?

    It has a 6ft bed that's expandable to 8ft.
  14. What would prevent your purchase?

    Bollinger increases range to 500mi and lowers price to $40,000 while keeping the current design...
  15. Hovering/Floating Cybertruck???

    I just noticed that the brake light is showing the charge percentage like the Rivian! Hopefully the headlights do this as well.