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  1. Ideas for Cybertruck at a car show

    No sure where this should go, so I put it here…. My neighbor asked me to bring my CT to a car show in a couple of weeks. Now my wife is coming up with ideas of what we should do to make it fun… what do you all think? I have a Tesla flame thrower, and my other friend also has one… I could modify...
  2. My Satin Black PPF wrap from T Sportline

    I just got my CT back from T Sportline and it’s AWESOME!!!. I got Stain Black PPF (I know others have it too 😀) and tint on the front windows. The guys at T Sportline did a killer job. I live in Orange County but paid to flatbed it up to Van Nuys because, from what I could find, they have done...
  3. Company to Wrap a CT in Orange County who has done multiple CTs?

    Title says it all anyone in the Costa Mesa/Newport area have a shop that has done several CTs before?
  4. Wind noise coming through drivers side window

    Picked up my truck last Friday and once i got on the freeway, I noticed a lot of wind noise coming from the front driver side window. Seems like a fitment issue, but I'm scheduled tomorrow to take it in. Has anyone else had this? Just wondering what I'm in for. Thanks!