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  1. Scribbious

    Windshield Sun Shade for Cybertruck?

    This one looks interesting. I've never tried an 'umbrella' option. Keeping an eye out for it becoming 'in stock'.
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    Introducing Cybertruck Accessories by TWRAPS

    +10 on that
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    Frunk Bag Hooks (Command Strips)

    I tried something similar in my Model Y. They fell off in a few months from the heat. There are a couple of other options that folks have 3d printed. I messed around today and was able to make something that works 'ok' from stuff in my garage. The panel in the middle is easy to remove so it's...
  4. Scribbious

    Changing tires on Cybertruck. Anyone know??

    Well, I'm getting ready to do just that. I have a set of Michelin Defender LTX Platinum tires that Michelin offered me in exchange for an evaluation and review. I'm still building data regarding range and sound level but both my wife and I feel that they are smoother and quieter. More to come...
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    ELECFRESH | Product Testing | The Cybertruck Center Console Hanging Storage Box

    This looks like a great solution until the bigger one that fills up the whole area below is available =)
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    ELECFRESH | Product Testing | The Cybertruck Mud Flaps Solutions

    I very much like the look of these. Make sure to offer the ability to buy only front or back, or maybe more importantly, just one replacement in case one gets damaged.
  7. Scribbious

    Powershare (charger/gateway) returned to Tesla if not installed

    I wonder.... What if one opted for the 6 month or 12 month free supercharging and had super convenient access to a supercharger then hooked up a simple generator plug to some loads and run a 220 cord from the truck to the loads and emptied/filled it daily? Actually, although I got an ok quote...
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    Powershare Beta pushed to my account (on 2024.14.6)

    Thanks for the info. So with no powerwall and the standard powershare install, if the truck is plugged in, it should take over in around a minute with no other intervention. Is that correct? I'm wondering if there is a big load at the house (i.e. HVAC, Water Heater, Dryer, Stove running at...
  9. Scribbious

    SB-24-30-001 - Inspect Underbody Fasteners (Service Bulletin May 3, 2024)

    If you follow the links started in the OP, it leads here. It doesn't appear to be a simple crank down a couple of easy to reach bolts.
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    Report: Tesla lays off entire Supercharger team! [Update: Elon Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    I could be wrong but I see 'scrapped' in the headline and 'cancelled' in the first sentence. CTRL-F didn't find the word deprioritized anywhere in the article. Maybe 'reuters tesla model 2 deprioritized' was a bad search but this was the first link returned and none of the returns included the...
  11. Scribbious

    Leather Car Floor Mats in Diamond / Color Options for Cybertruck -- by Premium-CarCover

    I think they add a classy look. Two questions: 1. Should the be put on top of the all weather mats? I've read that you should never have multiple layers from a safety perspective particularly on the driver's side. (though I admit having done it) 2. I would think that possibly they would...
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    PSA: Be Careful With Air Suspension Automatic Lowering! Have clearance under truck & bumpers - to prevent damage like this

    Repair Completed! I was able to get the part ordered from our local Tesla approved body shop. Thank you Hendrick Auto! About $600 after taxes, etc. The part fit in the back of the truck with the Tonneau cover partly open to accommodate the dimensions. Following the instructions in the Tesla...
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    Michelin All Season Tires for Cybertruck

    I have one on my Android phone and am playing with it and taking some baselines. I plan to record full routes in various conditions before and after. I know that my readings will probably not be exact compared to an expensive meter but I'm more interested in the delta (if any). I am considering...
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    Michelin All Season Tires for Cybertruck

    I don't have the resources to control all variables but plan to repeat a route that includes multiple road types a couple of times before and after ideally on the same day with the understanding that gravitational pull from the sun and moon as well as the weight of electronS in the battery at...
  15. Scribbious

    Michelin All Season Tires for Cybertruck

    Well... I had a set of the Michelins delivered to me today. Planning to do some testing. Might see if there is a YouTuber who wants to create content. If you know one near Tallahassee, FL, send them my way. Will either be selling the Goodyears (<2k miles) or the Michelins based on the results...
  16. Scribbious

    V2G (Vehicle to Grid) is coming. Any other california VPP participants here?

    I could be wrong but I think it is more of a matter of certification and speed of switching rather than wiring that could allow V2G. I'm not sure how it works, but if one already has a powerwall with it's gateway and certification, wouldn't the Truck be able to flow power to it? There are also...
  17. Scribbious

    ELECFRESH | Center Floor Organizer

    The moment I opened the door of my CT I was envisioning great stuff for that space and thrilled to see that somebody has the vision and the talent to start the ball rolling. Will keep a close eye out for all of your products.
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    90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    If Tesla and my insurance company would agree, I'd be happy to give test drives (with me in the truck) in exchange for some referral points.
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    Fingerprint Mark & Stain Guard Protection PPF Kit for Doors - New from T Sportline

    Nicely done and congrats for being first to market! I've been working on a idea using the Matrix Black vinyl I put on my B and C pillars basically trying to make it look like they are extending down. I'm hoping that the obvious material will attract people to keep their fingers in that area. Of...