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  1. I Want My Cybertruck $100 Deposit Refunded

    I am planning to request a Cybertruck $100 Deposit Refund, from Tesla, because of all the issues that some new Cybertruck owners and members of the forum have reported. Then there’s the announcement that all Cybertrucks have been recalled. That’s it for me! I want a refund.
  2. What Are The Real Reasons Cybertrucks Continue To Be Roped Off In Tesla Showrooms?

    Why is Tesla continuing to prevent prospective customers from touching the vehicle or viewing the interior of Cybertrucks on display in Tesla Showrooms? As a reservation holder in the Cybertruck queue, I would like to do both as well as take a test drive.
  3. Hey, Elon! Which Cybertruck Motor Configuration Will Roll Off The Assembly Line First? When?

    Hey, Elon! Which Cybertruck motor configuration will be manufactured first? When will it roll off the assembly line?
  4. Lowest And Highest Cybertruck Suspension Setting Measurements

    At the lowest and the the highest Cybertruck suspension settings, how many inches are there from the ground to the bottom of the vehicle?
  5. How Long Does A Cybertruck Battery Stayed Charged When The Vehicle Has Not Been Driven For A While?

    I wonder how long a Cybertruck Battery (ies) will stay charged when the vehicle has not been driven for a while and has not been plugged into to a power source?
  6. Notification Regarding CyberTruck Delivery Timeline - How Far in Advance?

    I wonder how far in advance folks in the Cybertruck wait list will be notified by Tesla, regarding a delivery date for their CT?
  7. Cybertruck Final Iteration Reveal Date and Production Questions

    I have three questions. 1. When will the final iteration of the CyberTruck be revealed? 2. Which month, in 2022, will the first CyberTruck roll off the assembly line? 3. How many Cybertrucks will be produced, per year, when the factory is fully operational...
  8. How Many CyberTrucks Of Each Motor Configuration (single, dual, triple) Have Been Preordered?

    How many Cybertrucks of each motor configuration (single, dual, triple) have been preordered?
  9. Cybertruck Insurance Premium Cost?

    I’m wondering how much it will cost per year to insure a CyberTruck?